Why You Should Have Call-To-Action For Event Promotion

Why You Should Have Call-To-Action For Event Promotion

Call to action – three self-defining marketing terms that sound so easy when it comes to defining them as “set of words that urge people to take action” and are just as annoying to implement because apparently, people just don’t want to act! I feel your pain, brothers, and this is why I’ve come up with three fool-not-so-proof (come on, you know nothing is foolproof when it comes to marketing. After all, who guarantees the people you’re selling stuff to aren’t fools, really?)

Sugar? Yes, Please!

Sweet talking still works, always a classic, that one. Let them know they’re special, show them how much they mean to you, and they’re already in the bag. And what better way to express your gratitude than by giving discounts and freebies? Make sure your call-to-action is luring them into availing early bird discounts or claiming any privilege that is only offered to club members or those with a customer card. This will make things easier for you to work with caterers and hotel blocks with cut-off dates.

Nothing’s Happening if it’s not ASAP-pening.

That’s right. Humans are like rockets – they don’t work unless you set them on fire. We usually save everything for later, even cardiac arrests, for that matter. “Meh, it’s just my heart fooling around. I’ll go see a doc later!” A call-to-action creates a sense of urgency, if you use powerful words to convey that there aren’t a lot of registrations left, or your special discount offer expires in two days, or there won’t be free food for those who register after a certain date (believe me, this is going to work like magic, or even better than magic would).

A Good Designer never reveals his Source, a Good Marketer needs to.

You’re going to market the event to sell your event tickets on several social media channels, and there will be call-to-action links redirecting to your website, landing page, or registration page. A little code can help you find out which source is landing the maximum hits, and this way, you can accelerate promotions on that particular website or application. At the same time, you can stop putting in efforts with channels that aren’t meeting your standards. Hitler was a villain and everything, but he did teach us some basic principles of survival of the fittest. That’s one thing to R.I.P with, Adolf!

Always remember, every action you carry out can be scaled to fit larger needs. Your call-to-action isn’t just a button or link; it can do lots more if used significantly. And if you can’t twist and extract the last drop of juice from a dried lemon, make lemonade and sell it for 20 bucks, what kind of presenter are you, anyway?

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