Why You Must Sell Tickets Online For Your Next Theater Event

Why You Must Sell Tickets Online For Your Next Theater Event

Bright lights, grand stage and beautiful sets are what theater events are all about. Through talented artists and mesmerizing performances, they take you into a realm of dreams you don’t want to return from. But dreams can turn into nightmares for an event presenter if it’s not a full house on the opening day of the event. So, here’s why you must sell theater tickets online, boost your ticket sales and drive potential attendees to your event.

Planning a theater event can be a pretty complex task if not planned early. To make it easier, start planning 6-8 months in advance. Define your budgets, keeping in mind the payments you need to make to the actors, the costumes, the set, regular refreshments and other logistics. Finalize your actors and check their availability to ensure you don’t miss out on the best performers. Book the theater well in advance to ensure your event doesn’t coincide with another popular drama event.

Right Ticketing Tool
From convincing the best actors to finding a great story writer for your drama, you already have a lot going on. Reduce your stress and go for a simple and easy to use event ticketing system. At Yapsody, we offer transparency with the best features at unbelievable prices. Whether you host your theater event in Mexico or France, you can easily choose from our 15 prominent languages and create your event. Collect payments directly into your bank account through our multiple payment gateways.

The Virtual Box Office
Once you sign up with Yapsody, you can access our “Virtual Box Office”. Start with setting up your payment gateway, select your preferred language and your currency. Using this dashboard, you can access our event wizard, real-time sales analytics, reporting and a lot more. Create multiple performances easily using the event wizard tool. Also, once your event is created, you can copy it and use it to create your future events rather than creating a new one right from scratch.

Online Ticket Store
As an event presenter, you’d love to display all your theater events on a single page. Using the virtual box office you can create your online ticket store. When your attendees buy the tickets from the online ticket store, they get to see your subdomain, giving them the impression that they’re on your site. You can personalize your store with your brand colors, design, creative images and your brand logo. This is where you display all the performances of your theater event along with the venue, date and information about your company. Make sure to add external links to your social media pages.

Seating Arrangement
You don’t want your attendees running for the best seats the moment the door opens. Save them from the nightmare and offer reserved seating. Let your attendees book their tickets in advance, so they can arrive at the event stress-free and you don’t have to be a referee in a bull’s fight. Create unlimited ticket categories including VIP tickets and executive tickets so your attendees can choose from multiple options.

Like drama, people love discounts. Imagine the smile on your attendees’ faces when they are about to book their tickets for their favorite show and you give them an offer. It’s a great way to attract people to your theater event and sell tickets quickly. Roll out unbeatable offers like early-bird discounts, buy one and get one free and group discounts to attract drama lovers. Promote these offers on social media to get maximum exposure to your event. Meanwhile, we’ve got something for you. We’ve launched our holiday season offers that’ll give you a straight 25% off on your event ticketing fees. Check our offers page to see all the offers.

Set up the Ticket Price
Once you’ve booked your venue and estimated the number of attendees, you approximately know how much you can spend. Set up your ticket price by adding an extra margin to cover any emergency. Do not overprice your tickets, Your attendees may love you for the best theater event you created but don’t ruin it by overpricing the ticket. If the thought of event pricing gives you a headache, read our blog on how to price your event in 3 simple steps and perfect your pricing technique.

Ticket Customization
With theater events, you can be creative and customize your tickets according to your play. For example, Let’s say your play has to do with pirates. Using Yapsody’s ticket customization feature, you can design your tickets with a ship and a big black flag with a skull face on it. Wow your attendees with creative designs and personalized tickets.

Promote your Event
If you’re aiming for a full house on the opening day, you need to promote your event well in advance. From influential marketing to promoting your theater event on social media, use every medium to market your event online. At Yapsody, we believe in sharing the load. We promote your event in 3 ways:

Sell Tickets Online
People love drama. After all the promotion you’ve done, people will look for ways to buy your theater events. Considering most people shop online, selling theater tickets online is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Apart from robust reporting and quick validation, it saves time for you and your attendees. With QR code technology, there’s a slim to no chance of finding fake tickets and duplicate entries. You can integrate Google Analytics to track the performance of your marketing campaigns in real-time.

With our step by step guide, you’re sure to sell out your theater event in minutes. So, if you’re planning one, skip the drama and create your event. To avail our holiday season offer, use the promo code HOLIDAY25. Sign up NOW!

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