How To Sell Tickets Online For Your Theater Events

How To Sell Tickets Online For Your Theater Events

Bright lights, grand stages, and beautiful sets are what theater events are all about. Through talented artists and mesmerizing performances, they take you into a realm of dreams you don’t want to return from. 

But dreams can turn into nightmares for an event presenter if it’s not a full house on the opening day of the event. To ensure our event planners and organizers don’t suffer from sleepless nights, we’re here with our tips for selling event tickets online and drive event conversions.

1. Plan Early

Planning a theater event can be complex if not planned early. To make it easier, start planning 6-8 months in advance. Define your event budgets, keeping in mind the payments you need to make to the actors, the costumes, the set, regular refreshments, and other logistics. Finalize your performers and their availability to ensure you don’t miss out on a memorable drama. Book the theater well in advance to ensure your event doesn’t coincide with another popular event.

2. Choose The Right Platform

The world is your stage with our event ticketing elements working behind the scenes to pull off the perfect picture.

With Yapsody as your theater ticketing partner, event management is simpler and profitable for theaters. Whether it’s a Broadway show, stand-up, tragedy, or historical drama, bring out the essence of it through your e-tickets. Impressing your event attendees right from the moment they book your tickets is imperative to set the stage which is why you should customize your e-tickets or choose from preset templates.

3. Take Control With The Virtual Box Office

Once you sign up with Yapsody, you can access our Virtual Box Office that lets you lets you pilot theater show timings, ticket quantities, performances, and restrictions on a singular interface. 

Selling theater tickets is a breeze as you can instantly create events, view stats on the go, offer discounts, generate custom tickets, and email them to your patrons directly from the Box Office.

4. Customize Your Online Ticket Store

With our Online Ticket Store, you can personalize your ticket and event store with your brand colors, design, creative images, and brand logo. This is where you display all the performances of your theater along with the venue, date, and information about your company.

Learn more about Customizing Your Online Ticket Store to Boost Ticket Sales.

5. Create Seating Flexibility

You don’t want your attendees running for the best seats the moment the door opens. Save them from the nightmare and offer reserved seating. Let your attendees book their tickets in advance, so they can arrive at the event stress-free and you don’t have to be a referee in a bull’s fight. 

Pro-tip: Create unlimited ticket types including VIP tickets and standard tickets so your attendees can choose from standard or premium experiences.

6. Shower Those Discounts

Like drama, people love discounts. Imagine the smile on your attendees’ faces when they are about to book their tickets for their favorite show and you give them an offer.

Roll out unbeatable offers like early-bird discounts, Buy 1 Get 1, and group discounts to attract drama lovers. Here are 5 Types Of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance.

7. Price Your Tickets Right

Once you’ve booked your venue and estimated the number of attendees, you approximately know how much you can spend further. Set up your ticket price by adding an extra margin to cover any emergency and do not overprice your tickets, 

Your attendees may love your venue and performances you but don’t ruin it by overpricing the ticket. Pricing your tickets correctly and doing even the bare minimum of marketing can help you sell out your event tickets online.

With our step-by-step guide, you’re sure to sell out your theater event in minutes. So, if you’re planning one, skip the drama and create your event.

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