Why You Must Choose Yapsody for Your Next Charity Event

Why You Must Choose Yapsody for Your Next Charity Event

Events have always been a fun way of getting communities to come together. Non-profit organizations strategically use these events as they serve the purpose of networking and raising funds for a special cause at the same time. Whether you’re organizing a charity music concert or a charity exhibition for a cause you are extremely passionate about, one of the most important attributes that an event presenter is looking for, is a reliable and robust “Online Ticketing System”.

Every presenter in the event industry today is looking for an easy, quick and organized online ticketing platform to create fundraiser events. Yapsody gives you just that! Besides providing an efficient and effective online ticketing system, we recognize that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities they serve. To support non-profit organizations, we give you a 50% rebate on event ticketing fees, for both general admission and reserved seating events. For presenters who choose to “pass on fees” to their ticket purchasers, they retain 50% of those fees which can be used to cover up for your operational expenses. Additionally, you can sell your first 50 tickets for free. Great isn’t it?

Did We Mention The Accept Donation Feature
Donations play a very important role in raising funds for a Non-Profit Organization and we have developed a feature, “Accept Donations” to facilitate the same.
With one simple button, this feature lets you accept donation payments from both Online Ticket Store and the Box Office – in a few minutes. Wondering what’s box office? Well, it is your personalized ticketing interface that helps you create and set up your events as well as sell and scan tickets along with reporting.

Still Not Convinced? There’s More!
Using our online ticketing system, you can:

There are many more great reasons to select Yapsody and help your non-profit organization achieve its fundraising goals. It’s time to sell tickets online and let your charity organizations reap maximum benefits. Yapsody is the ideal online ticketing system for presenters using events as a strategy to raise money for charity. Create your next charity event and sell tickets online with Yapsody Now!

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