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Why Yapsody is Europe’s Best Ticketing System

Why Yapsody is Europe's Best Ticketing System

With a heavy backpack and map in one hand, you’ve set out on your Euro trip you planned a year ago. But when you arrive at the Munich International Airport, you realize everything sounds gibberish and you wish you had taken a crash course to learn German in a week. As an event manager, you can face a similar challenge while setting up your event. After working tirelessly for 8 months on your event, you don’t want to get stuck only because your event ticketing company doesn’t support your regional language.

Europe being a multicultural continent has a lot to offer to all, be it gastronomy through the freshly cooked pasta from Italy, fashion from France or the best actors like Anthony Hopkins, Christian Bale and so on. Famous for events like the Tomatina Festival in Spain and the Oktoberfest in Germany, Europe becomes the prime location for all the travel enthusiasts who want to make it to every event possible. However, if you’re an event director in Europe struggling to sell tickets online, we’ll tell you why Yapsody is Europe’s best ticketing system for you.

Multiple Language Support
With European countries laying side by side, each country has a different language. Which is why avid travelers learn basics or a few words of every language to ensure they are understood. At Yapsody, we never want language to be a barrier for you. Our online ticket store supports Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Planning an event? Create your event in any of the above languages easily and connect with your attendees in your chosen language.

Multiple Currency Support
Let’s say you’re hosting an event in Bulgaria but you realize your currency is not supported by your event ticketing company. With Yapsody, that’ll never be an issue. European currencies like Bulgarian Lev, Croatian kuna or the Czech koruna, Danish krone, Great Britain pound, Hungarian forint, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Swedish krona and Swiss franc along with Euro are the 11 European currencies supported by Yapsody.

Multiple Payment Gateway Support
You have a particular preferred payment gateway that your organization has an account with and you can be assured that it’s integration is available with Yapsody as we support some of the most prominent Payment gateways in Europe including Mollie, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and others. With Yapsody, there are no hiccups and your attendees can book tickets easily for their preferred event.

Reserved Seating
Whether you’re at an opera in Manchester or at a beer and music festival in Amsterdam, having the seats confirmed lets your attendees arrive at the venue in peace. We let your attendees pick their favorite seats from our seating layout, so they can enjoy the performance from wherever they like. As an event presenter, you can send out access codes or create unlimited ticket types to offer tickets to all attendees, be it a VIP or a regular loyal fan.

360° Event Promotion
Event promotions, if done at the right time, can help you sell out all your events easily. Let’s say you’re organizing a European themed food and drinks festival with freshly cooked Italian pasta in basil sauce, Bratwurst (grilled sausages) from Germany and slow-cooked duck from France in your menu. You invite the popular chef Nigella Lawson at your event but don’t promote it enough, the event will end up with the least attendees at your venue. If you have a special guest coming over, announce it on social media and other platforms and see the turnout.
When you sign up with Yapsody, we share your load, we promote your events on our social media profiles. Your events get featured on our blogs giving your attendees a direct link to book tickets through your online ticket store. You can also use our premium event listing feature to post your events on our website for free. But the most effective event promotion tool is email marketing. Using our MailChimp Integration, you can send out personalized invites, announcements and updates to your attendees.

Mobile Apps
Be it the Carnival of Venice or Edinburgh fringe festival, most events when promoted well in advance attract a massive crowd. While you know, you’re going back home with full pockets, offering them a great ticketing experience can be a challenge with an ordinary online ticketing system. With Yapsody’s mobile app – YapScan, you can validate all the attendees in no time. Which means no more long queues and a win-win situation for both.

Easy Reporting
As your attendees flock to the venue to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Boxing day organized by you, you’d want to find out how the sales numbers are looking. Our YapStats mobile app offers you real-time information on your sales conversions so you can chalk out a plan if the numbers aren’t looking great. You can also integrate Google Analytics with your account to track the success of your marketing campaign and alter it if needed.

At times, event presenters can abandon the entire thought of planning a successful event online because of the ridiculous fees charged by event ticketing companies. Whether you’re a small event management company or an established firm, we offer low pricing to all event presenters. While you’re saving a lot with our low fee structure, you can also opt for a free ticketing option with our Pass on Fee” feature. This feature lets you pass on your ticketing fees to the attendees. You can also pass on the payment gateway processing fees as a Surcharge to your ticket attendee effectively covering up for entire costs of online event ticketing. At the end of the month, your ticketing fee is borne by your attendees and you pay nothing.

Every festive season, many European countries organize some of the best events. Halloween, Oktoberfest, Christmas Parties, Boxing day and New year DJ nights are some of the most popular examples. Since you save on your ticketing fees with our low priced premium ticketing system, roll out your holiday season offers like we did and promote it on social media. Early bird offer, buy one get one and give away tickets are a great way to boost your online ticket sales. While your attendees enjoy your discounts, you can check our Holiday season offers. Any event you create, get a flat 30% off on your ticketing fee by using our promo code – THANKSGIVING30

24/7 Customer Support
Are you facing difficulty while creating your event? Contact our 24/7 customer service. Sherene Garvin Mack, UK Marketing Manager of Diggerland UK said the chat feature instantly answered her queries and the online support was available round the clock to assist ticket purchasers through the process. Similarly, the other presenters love our customer service as they receive immediate help whenever there’s a query.

Offer your attendees a seamless ticketing experience with Europe’s best ticketing system. Take inspiration from our blogs and create beautiful experiences for your attendees. Plan, promote and sell event tickets online with Yapsody. Sign up now and avail the best offers this holiday season.

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