Why Yapsody is Canada’s Best Ticketing System

Why Yapsody is Canada’s Best Ticketing System

Munching on Timbits and sipping on Tim’s coffee, you decide to host a concert in Montreal, Canada. Exactly 7 months before the event date, you set the budget, book the venue, finalize the dates and select your artists. Since you’ve been selling tickets manually, you decide to digitalize the entire process. Unfortunately, the event ticketing company you chose, ditches you at the last minute as they don’t support Canadian payment gateways or your preferred language. This can happen to anyone. But what’s the way forward?

The only way we see is to go with Canada’s best ticketing system – Yapsody. While the land of maple syrup has a lot to offer, it also gives you a great ticketing service provider. From Jazz festivals to Quebec winter carnival, Canadians know exactly how to have a great time at every event. So what are you waiting for? Get rid of the shackles of limited payment gateway systems and unprofessional event ticketing companies and find out why Yapsody is the best ticketing system for you and what makes it “The Best”.

Multiple Language Support
Take the subway to Ontario or any other city and you’ll find people talking in different languages. Canada, being a diverse and multicultural country has a population that speaks more than 2 languages (French and English). As an event presenter, language matters. Are you creating an event for a particular community? Make sure your event ticketing system supports your language. At Yapsody, we support 15 prominent languages including English and French so you can create your events in your attendees’ preferred language.

Multiple Currency Support
As a global ticketing company, Yapsody supports more than 170 currencies. Are you wondering if your currency is supported? Of course, we do! Easily create your events from any part of Canada and collect your payments in Canadian dollars.

Easy Creation of Multiple Events
With the festive season arriving soon, you’ll have a line up of events planned. With ordinary event ticketing systems, you’d have to create every event from scratch, but at Yapsody, you save time. Using our virtual box office, you can simply copy your existing event and make changes and voila! Your tickets are on sale.

Reserved Seating
Although Canadians are known to be polite, it’s best not to put them in an arguable situation. Instead, offer reserved seating. At Yapsody, your attendees can choose their seats from our seating layout and book them well in advance. From VIP to regular, you can offer unlimited ticket types so everyone gets to enjoy the luxury of choosing their seats at the given price. Do you want to make your event exclusive? Send out access codes through our MailChimp integration and keep your attendee list limited.

Event Marketing Services
Let’s say you’re hosting an Oktoberfest in Vancouver, Canada. Your dream is to have a sold-out event. But if you don’t promote your event, how will they even buy the tickets? When you sign up with Yapsody, we offer you our event marketing services. Wherein,

  • We share your events on our social media profiles
  • We feature your events on our blogs giving your attendees a direct link to book tickets through your online ticket store.
  • You can use our premium event listing feature to post your events on our website for free
  • Use our MailChimp integration to send out personalized invites, announcements and updates to your attendees.

Mobile Apps
Be it a 3 week-long winter festival or the Folklorama celebrating cuisine, culture and folk music, handling the massive crowd at the door can be your biggest nightmare (or not). Easily transform a possible nightmare into a beautiful experience with Yapsody’s mobile apps. Our mobile apps help you:

  • Validate Tickets: Avoid long queues. Validate your attendees using our YapScan app and get your attendees on the other side of the door in no time.
  • Get Real-Time Data: Track your sales conversions in real-time using our YapStats app. It gives you a detailed report of the tickets sold at your event.

Multiple Payment Gateway Support
At Yapsody, we support some of the most popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Moneris, Wepay and many others. Moreover, our payment gateway systems are secure and quick. As the tickets get booked, the entire revenue is transferred directly to your bank account and you pay us only at the end of the month. This means you have over 30 days of credit for your effective cash flow management.

After all that you spent on organizing a mini Oktoberfest, paying high ticketing fees can totally mess up your planned budget. Whether you’re hosting a high tea or a massive music festival, choose Yapsody for the incredibly low pricing it offers. Looking for a free online ticketing system? Pass on your fees to your attendees and pay nothing from your pockets. When you pass on the fees, your attendee covers up the entire cost of online ticketing and you pay nothing.

Who doesn’t love offers? If you have events planned this holiday season and have not yet rolled out any offers, this is the right time. Are you hosting a Halloween fun night for your attendees? Or a Christmas masquerade ball? Roll out early bird offers and discount codes to light up your attendee’s face. Alternatively, you can leverage our holiday season offers to create beautiful experiences and save 25% on your ticketing fees. Use our promo code – HOLIDAY25 for all events you create from now until the end of the holiday season.

24/7 Customer Support
Most people abandon a transaction due to a lack of support. Yapsody presenters, fortunately, don’t have to abandon any transaction. Our 24/7 customer service always takes the initiative to help you and your attendees.Whether you’re facing difficulty creating your event or your attendees have a query about the tickets, our team offers instant answers to all queries. We treat your customers like ours. Our customer satisfaction scores cross 95%. There is no criteria on how many tickets you sell to avail our customer service because it is absolutely FREE.

Like every ticketing company, we help you sell tickets online, however, our distinct features, unmatched service and affordable pricing make us Canada’s best event ticketing system. Planning a tobogganing event? Sign up with Yapsody and create the best experiences ever.

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