Why Use Yapsody For Thanksgiving Day Events?

Why Use Yapsody For Thanksgiving Day Events?

Thanksgiving is around the corner and if you are planning to organize events, you should consider using Yapsody to help make it a success. Organizing and managing your events and shows for holiday seasons can have some unique challenges. Holiday season or not, we sure do have something for each event category. Not to forget, our Yapsody offers will help you offset your holiday expenses.

1. Improve Your Event’s Online Visibility

Thanksgiving events happening at the same time and in the same place can dilute your ticket sales drastically. When there is so much competition, you need to give your event attendees a smooth experience that no other event organizer can offer. 

Signing up with Yapsody is the ideal option for those who prefer not to burden their loyal guests with ticketing fees, convenience fees, transaction fees, slow check-in, and faulty ticket booking.  

Pro-Tip: To improve your Thanksgiving event’s online visibility, read up our blog  “SEO For Events – Getting Ranked Better on Search Engines

2. Plan Exclusive Thanksgiving Dinners

Your guests and patrons will love a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with roast turkey and pumpkin pies. Do your part for the community by organizing charitable dinners or Thanksgiving dinners. With our Invite-Only Access Codes, you can end up creating an exclusive event just for your local community to avoid overcrowding.

Don’t forget to take notes from Georgia Smoke BBQ that has been organizing community dine-ins as a non-profit.

3. Create Thanksgiving Discounts

Holiday seasons can feel a bit incomplete without a sprinkle of discounts. As your loyal event attendees, they do expect a Thanksgiving discount in the form of a group discount or an early bird to help them manage their holiday expenses better. 

Thanksgiving is all about giving back to the community, so here’s your chance to do so with our Discounts and Packages feature. Yapsody makes it possible to give your event attendees another reason to love you and your events.

4. Amplify Your Event Marketing

Promote your Thanksgiving as much as possible to get maximum visibility and engagement. By using our Email Marketing Integration, you can target your audiences to send timely invites and event updates. 

Interested event attendees can also book tickets from your Facebook page by clicking on the ticket links, which will redirect them to your fully customizable Online Ticket Store.

5. Accept Thanksgiving Donations Easily

If you’re a non-profit entity conducting community-driven initiatives can do even more through your Thanksgiving charities or fundraisers with our “Accept Donations” feature. As your event ticketing partner, Yapsody facilitates the spirit of giving back in a seamless manner. 

P.S. – All the proceeds are directly transferred to your PayPal account and will not be charged for in the monthly Yapsody invoice.

6. Always At Your Service

Being a family affair of sorts, we understand that you would love to kick back and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. With our 24/7 customer support by your side, all your Thanksgiving day queries can be put to rest by us.

Our support staff is available for enhanced event setup, integrations, query solving, event-day operations, and everything in between.

There you have it, folks! Just a few reasons to switch to Yapsody for all your event ticketing needs. For more event-related information, don’t forget to subscribe to the Yapsody blog.

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