Why Ticket Purchasers Are Looking for A New Ticketing System?

Why Ticket Purchasers Are Looking for A New Ticketing System?

The ticketing industry has traditionally been dominated by a handful of large players who lock venues into lucrative, exclusive contracts that give them the ability to effectively manipulate the market. However, over the last five years, many venues have chosen to go with feature-rich, state-of-the-art event ticketing platforms that are far more cost-effective to operate, thus giving way to significant benefits for both venues and ticket purchasers.  Those benefits include: 

Drastically Lower Event Ticketing Fees

By the time you add up the convenience charges, order processing charges, delivery charges, etc., it is not unusual for ticket purchasers to end up paying more than 30% over the base price of a ticket.  Not only do fans want to save money, but they want to feel that the venue is acting in the best interests of its customers.  In fact, many venues have seen surges in attendance after switching to ticketing providers with lower ticketing surcharges.

Improved Customer Support

Despite all the surcharges and a large number of employees, the industry incumbents can’t seem to provide satisfactory customer support.  There are plenty of online forums where one can find complaint after complaint about the poor customer support that many ticketing companies provide.  Alternatively, many of the newer companies have proven themselves to be far more responsive to customer inquiries than their older counterparts.

Increased Flexibility

Newer ticketing systems provide a great deal of flexibility to the venue in terms of the variety of features and their applications.  That is because newer systems are built from the ground up on the most advanced technologies and utilize superior architecture for maximizing efficiency and minimizing the number of support staff required, thus driving down ticketing surcharges.

No matter if you are a venue, an artist, or an event presenter, one must consider fans requirements and expectations in order to maximize an event’s success. We at Yapsody understand our presenters’ and customers’ requirements, and that’s why we are totally against the concept of “taxing” them with fees simply for providing an automated platform for selling tickets.  This is what makes Yapsody the first truly free online ticketing system of its kind.

We also believe that good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Our customer support team is available to help in any way, 24×7 by email and between 7:30 am – 8:30 pm (PST) through live chat. We truly value our event presenters and respect their fans, and that’s why we are dedicated to offering affordable ticketing with as much support as we possibly can to make your event successful.

We’re here for you! Email us anytime, day or night! Or check out our Support Desk!

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  • sommer fugl says:

    Oh, that’s really good news! You descirbed here a real problem with tickets and it’s common for different types of them, I mean the ones for concerts, travelling, sport matches etc. 🙁 Personally I had not for once problem with overpaying for my tickets because of the problems created with certain companies and that was really an unpleasant experience 🙁 And effective customer support is very important too, such service always makes a ticket company much more reliable in my eyes 🙂

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