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Why Mailchimp Is Every Event Marketers Must-Have Integration

Why Mailchimp Is Every Event Marketers Must-Have Integration

Event marketing goes hand-in-hand with email marketing. Whether it is creating that initial buzz, sending invites & promo codes, or just an early bird discount package, a well-timed email can yield potential leads for any event marketer out there.

That’s where Mailchimp comes in which is an email marketing platform designed for marketers all over to automate their organic marketing and grow their potential audiences. In the hands of an able event marketer, the lead generation and engagement possibilities are endless. 

Here’s Why Mailchimp is An Every Event Marketer’s Must-Have

With many email marketing platforms charging a premium, Mailchimp is one of those that offer premium services without breaking your bank. You can even choose their free version if you’re just starting new with a limited set of subscribers. 

With Yapsody’s Mailchimp integration, email marketers can quickly import your customer list into your MailChimp account and get started with your event marketing campaign. All you have to do is create your account with Yapsody. Once your Mailchimp A/c is set up and as your attendees begin to purchase tickets online, Yapsody automatically imports and syncs their email addresses into your Mailchimp account. You can then utilize these mailing lists every time you create a new email marketing campaign.

A no-brainer for any event marketer – email marketing holds no value if you’re sending out emailers randomly to build up the numbers. Your audiences might check their inboxes over the weekend rather than on weekdays. Or maybe they check their emails right before work or before going to bed. With Mailchimp, you can divide and categorize your emailing lists for re-engagement. 

Figuring out your audience personas and is also key to acing email open rates.

No one likes a drab, shoddy looking emailer that looks like a last-minute effort. It’s okay to send out emailers once a week, but make sure it’s unique and value-adding. Creating compelling and visually strong templates will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Event marketing is a time-oriented branch of marketing. Early bird discounts or group discounts create a sense of urgency and tend to sell out faster.  Last-minute deals also work well provided you’ve not already sold-out. As a part of their brand loyalty, you can send emailers to your recurring event attendees with a special discount or a referral bonus to bring a friend. A win-win situation where you get old and new attendees for your event. 

Keep track of your email content and the design is hitting the right notes with your audiences. How many are opting in, how many are opening and unsubscribing? These metrics will help you tailor your marketing approach better. For those looking to turn their data into actionable insights, check out our email marketing suite of services

Organic content marketing led through emails is one of the pillars of event marketing. However, with the right platform like Mailchimp, you can turn your email marketing campaigns into a lead-generating medium in a cost-effective manner.

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