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Why is SEO Optimization Crucial for Event Marketing?

Why is SEO Optimization Crucial for Event Marketing?

For the uninitiated, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is an online practice of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. Deciphering Google’s search engine algorithm requires a true master as it’s getting smarter each day. SEO optimization is undeniable for any business wanting to spread its wings in the digital landscape, especially event marketers who want to attract the right audiences to boost their ticket sales. 
To sell tickets online organically,  follow these key parameters that will boost your SEO to make your event marketing shine.  

Create Original Content To Build Links

Simply dumping keywords into your event campaign and content won’t get you anywhere and Google can easily detect it. The most simple yet powerful process to build links is by creating original and valuable content on the regular through a blog. Understanding your audience persona and crafting content accordingly is a healthy mechanism to start building links and showing up on top of the results. 

Utilize Event Directories

Event directories are usually free websites or an event listing portal where you can feature your new and upcoming events. The goal of these event directories is to spread the word and generate more potential ticket buyers for your events. We’ve noticed that some event planners miss out on this golden event marketing tactic for increasing their reach. If you’re a new event presenter looking for free event creation and listing platform, Sign Up with Yapsody

Create A Bank Of Brand Specific Keywords 

You want to rank higher for a set of brand-specific keywords and terminology that differentiates you from your competitors and creates a recall in the mind of your audiences. Consult with an SEO expert who can set up a tactical guideline that your marketing team can follow. 

Event Venue & Timing

The search volumes for event attendees searching for ‘Things to Do’ in your city for a specific date and venue are off the roof. Make sure your event page descriptions and listings on social media have a clear event timing and venue details for Google to take notice.  

Screenshot – Yapsody Event Page

SEO Optimized Event Page 

Your main event page is the lifeblood of your event marketing campaign. With Yapsody’s in-built SEO Optimization feature, you can optimize the way your event appears in Google search engines and help event attendees to discover your event organically. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Through our dashboard, your event marketing manager can optimize the keywords that trigger your event to appear on top of the search results.  They get a plethora of options to create appealing titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. 

Off-Page SEO for Events

Ideally, most event marketers share their main event page across multiple social media platforms but few miss out on this small task. Adding a direct link of your event Subdomain from your website to other portals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can get you a better scope of ticket sales. Our event marketing tools and features in-built in our dashboard will make any event marketers job easier. 

Event Schema Optimized

Google marks up your organized events so that potential audiences can discover them either by searching for or directly on Google Maps.  Adding schema markup to your events makes it easier for users to discover and attend your event. Don’t have the time to understand what schema markup is? All you need to know as an event presenter is that every event listed on Yapsody is event schema optimized.

Our event ticketing platform facilitates 1M+ tickets sales every month for over 100k presenters worldwide. SEO Optimization is one of the many tools from our arsenal of  Enterprise-Grade features that boost overall ticketing revenue. 

Ready to give them a test ride? Sign Up With Yapsody. 

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