When Is The Right Time To Promote Your Event?

When Is The Right Time To Promote Your Event?

You’re planning to host an exciting event on your side of town. You’ve made all the calls, figured the logistics, and are confident your artists will show up on time. The nitty-gritty is taken care of to perfection, but now you start to wonder – would 1300 people at least really show up at the 1500 seater venue you booked?

Get Started Right Away

The question “How to promote your event?” is a tricky aspect to deal with. While there is no one-size-fits-all, we do know this for sure – it’s best if you promote your event the moment you have finalized it. Whether you’re taking the email marketing route, promoting on social media, or doing them all, the earlier you begin, the better.

Why Promoting Your Event Early is the Better Way to Go

1. Better Pricing. More Profits.

When you start promoting your event early, you’re able to understand your target audience’s response quicker. This can be very informative and will lead you into making better decisions for your event. Let’s say you are organizing a live concert featuring a Hollywood artist. By getting the word out in advance, you open yourself to multiple opportunities from brands and sponsors. 

Divide your event promotion into profitable phases: 

Phase 1 – set discounted pricing like Early Bird, giving the loyal fans an advantage of saving by buying early. 

Phase 4 – when you’re about to sell out your event to leverage the high demand of your tickets, apply surcharges to create a FOMO and skyrocket your event revenue.

2. Tickets Went on Sale Too Soon! – Said No One Ever

You never know where your attendees may be driving in from to attend your event. If you’re organizing a food fest or a pub crawl, publish and promote your event at least 90 – 180 days in advance, so attendees coming from far off can plan their schedule better, arrange for travel, accommodation, and the likes. 

Promotion just a few days before your event can put your tourist attendees at a disadvantage and eventually your event revenue. 

Pro-Tip: In case you end up being a last-minute savior, don’t forget to peep these 5 Tips & Tricks For Last-Minute Event Promotion.

3. Amplify Your Online Buzz

The longer your events tickets are up online, the longer you have potential attendees talking about it. This will get attendees posting about your event on social media, which in turn will improve your social media presence. It can garner interest and even convince groups of friends and families to buy your tickets in bulk.  

This can only do good to your event and event ticket sales. However, when it comes to social media promotions, timing is everything. Make sure to bookmark our Checklist For Timing Your Event Promotion Correctly.

4. Avoid Last-Minute Changes

By promoting your event in advance, there’s plenty you can do with the data you receive in the early stages. Use apps like YapStats to track real-time analytics on your sales and associated attendee buying behavior and make changes through the virtual box office in advance. 

If you notice your ticket sales for the reserved seating section at your venue are lower, you can block the said section and add more general admission seats in advance!

5. Optimize Your Organic Reach

If you’ve chosen to promote your event online, SEO-optimized events are one of the main ways to go. But what it also is, is a slow marination process. By optimizing your event page early, you can promote your event organically to show up higher in the search rankings and in turn, get more people to see your event online. 

Signing up with us gives your event promoters the ability to make your event page SEO-friendly. When done right, correct SEO techniques can get you on the first page of the search engine results thereby improving your chances of potential attendees landing on your Online Ticket Store faster.

A successful event marketer or promoter will use relevant platforms along with social media to get the maximum out of their campaign. Don’t forget to check out our marketing blog for more insights on industry-grade marketing strategies.

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