What Fans Like about An Online Event Ticketing System!

What Fans Like about An Online Event Ticketing System!

There are many online event ticketing companies that offer some unnecessary features and services that are not much help for your event or your fans. While features and services are always important for any event presenter while evaluating an online event ticketing system, the most important factor is to understand what exactly fans wants from an online event ticketing system. For any event presenter, their fans are their king, and the more difficulty a fan faces when plans to buy event tickets online, the greater the likelihood he/she will abandon the sale. In this blog, we will share a report that we have created after doing a survey to 200 fans and asked them about the services they are like while booking a ticket for any event.

We asked few questions about how they feel about the event organizer’s online event ticketing system and the overall process while buying and receiving their tickets.

After analyzing the survey stats, the first thing we should say is that there is not just one single feature that dominates all others. However, convenience, low ticketing fees, and ability to book multiple events’ tickets continuously through shopping cart were by far the top three features preferred by fans and collectively make up roughly 77% of responses.  The remaining 23% selected the ability to conduct secure transactions or speed of completing a transaction as their number one criterion.

If your current ticketing provider does not excel in these areas relative to its competitors, you are likely missing out on opportunities to give your fans what they really want.  So if you are looking for a new online ticketing system for events, we strong advise on doing the necessary research – or you can simply choose Yapsody !

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