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What Do Patrons Expect From The Post-COVID Casino Industry?


With regulations easing off after careful consideration in most states, many casinos and hospitality have started planning their phase-wise opening. However, with the pandemic slowing passing through, it has left many people in a cloud of confusion. Whether they should step out and venture into your casino depends on a lot of different factors that concern their standards of health, safety, and entertainment. 

Here’s What Your Patrons Would Expect From The Post-COVID Casino Industry

1. Top-Notch Health & Safety Standards 

The post-COVID casino industry will be paving the way ahead for other hospitality enterprises. Without relying on proper health and safety standards that match or surpass national regulations, your patrons will remain hesitant to visit your venue. It’s time to take your existing health and safety standards to the next level and also portray it effectively on all your channels. 

Few of the Tribal Casinos associated with Yapsody have started applying self-cleaning antimicrobial surface coating throughout their venues as part of their sanitization program. Everything from gaming machines, handrails, countertops, escalators, kiosks, staff lockers, and even their shuttle busses were thoroughly sanitized with an antimicrobial coating. An end-to-end health and safety approach like this is expected by your guests. 

2. Exclusive Tables and Spaces for Loyal Patrons

With probable venue capacities being divided into half, your loyal patrons are expecting a certain amount of exclusivity and space dedicated to them. This is a strategy that will work well to gauge the initial reaction after a post-COVID reopening. Not only are you gaining more brownie points from your loyal patrons, but you’re also testing out the feasibility of exclusive events with a fewer number of attendees. 

3. Free to Play Apps and Games

With many events and shows taking the virtual route to host their events, casinos also need to scale into the online landscape by launching free to play apps and games that will engross their patrons.

With our technology development services, building low-cost but highly robust apps is now possible to navigate the digital landscape and acquire newer audiences.

4. Player Segregation 

Age-wise segregation could be another tactic that would pitch age-wise patrons and players against each other for poker or blackjack competitions. Tier wise and age-wise player segregation could also be part of your extensive precautionary measures. 

5. Gift Cards Against Ticket Refunds & Cancellation

Looking to build loyalty and elevate your guest relationships? Gift cards are touted to be the favorite among your patrons. Transfer the amount of the ticket value into a gift card which can be availed by them later at your venue. This strategy will not only save your event investments but also retain guest loyalty. Your venue-specific branded gift card creates a strong brand recall in their minds as well. 

The Gift Card feature is scheduled to be available on our event ticketing platform really soon. 


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