What Do Attendees Expect From Your Events In The New Normal?

What Do Attendees Expect From Your Events In The New Normal?

As the global hospitality and entertainment industry gradually prepares for the new normal, many event organizers and venue owners have started ramping up their plans for organizing events for the upcoming months. As an event ticketing partner for many, we’ve witnessed event presenters following an insight-based approach by using our questionnaires & surveys feature to their fullest. You can learn more about Asking The Right Question To Your Event Attendees and then follow up with these standard strategies that would please your attendee’s wishes. 

Here’s What Your Event Attendees Expect In The New Normal

1. Facemask & Social Distancing Norms 

The number one concern for event attendees for attending an indoor or outdoor event – Mandatory facemask with social distancing protocols in place. Unless you make it clear in your marketing communications about these rules and regulations, event attendees are highly unlikely to attend your event. We suggest starting off with a smaller group of attendees as a test run to see if protocols are diligently adopted. 

A recent US survey created by us showcases audience preferences that will help you stay ahead. 


2. Discounts and Pricing Packages 

The global economy taking a hit, it’s natural that many of your event attendees and guests would expect a discount or a lucrative pricing package that makes it easier on their pocket to attend your upcoming events. Our event ticketing platform makes it easier for you to add different types of discounts for your ticket buyers. As an event presenter, this strategy will help you retain your existing audience and maybe even acquire newer ones. 

3. Regular Sanitisation of Venues 

Live entertainment events have been known to disturb the hygiene and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. However, you can invest in certain post-event sanitization programs for your audience’s peace of mind. Don’t forget to communicate about it to your event attendees as they would be eager to attend events in venues following strict hygiene standards.  

4. Better Seating Arrangements

Regulations are easing off gradually as we speak, but the question remains – indoor venus or outdoor venues? This depends entirely on the type of event and the size of the audience. A larger outdoor venue is suited for a food fair or a drive-in concert where people don’t need to be seated, whereas you might consider an indoor venue for a smaller conference or an exhibition where seating is spaced out accordingly.   

5. Gift Cards Against Ticket Refunds & Cancellation

An answer to event cancellations that surged during the peak of the COVID pandemic, gift cards are going to be the savior for many event presenters. You can transfer the amount of the ticket value into a gift card which can be availed by them later at your venue. This strategy will not only save your event investments but also retain your attendee’s loyalty towards you.  A venue-specific branded gift card creates a strong brand recall in their minds as well. 

P.S. – The Gift Card feature is scheduled to be available on our event ticketing platform really soon.


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