What An Event Presenter Can Learn From Oktoberfest

What An Event Presenter Can Learn From Oktoberfest

Planning budgets, venue, promotion, taking quick decisions become your routine task once you’re an event presenter. But after all that hard work, can you really predict if your event will be a success? That’s not the case for Oktoberfest event organizers. Their events are successful year after year and get sold out in no time. Here are some really useful tips that are as precious as gold for Oktoberfest event presenters, irrespective of the type of event you’re hosting.

1. Give The People What They Love

People attend Oktoberfest for a reason and the reason is BEER. Similarly, create an event that people will love to attend. If yours is an outdoor casual event, you can keep beer or wine for your event, since beer is the best-selling drink and everyone loves beer. But if your attendees are passionate about music,  organizing a musical concert with a top-notch artist, will make your event a great hit. That way, your attendees are happy and get exactly what they want and you’ll have a sold-out event.

2. Hype

The reason why Oktoberfest is so popular is because of the hype everyone has created about it. You can use popular influencers/celebrities/good speakers to get this done. When the right people promote your event on social media, you’ll have everyone talking about it before the event begins. Social media has the power to spread the word like fire and also to let the post go unnoticed. Use the right social media marketing techniques to reach out to new attendees.

3. Amuse Your Audience

Depending on the kind of event you’re hosting, you’ll need to find out what your attendees love and what can entertain them. Like Oktoberfest drives the crowds crazy with beer and entertaining music, you’ll need to know what your attendees will love. You can use our surveys to find out what are your attendees’ interests, likes and accordingly plan your events. Let’s say, for example, you’re hosting a car trade show this year, entertain the car lovers by giving them a free test drive. By the end of the event, you’ll have your event tickets and cars sold out in a breeze. Also, customize your online ticket store in the local dialect to strike the right chord with your event attendees. For instance, if you are setting up an Oktoberfest event in Germany, use the German language to engage with your audience. With Yapsody’s event ticketing platform, you can set up an event in over 15+ global languages which means your ticket purchasers can go through your event description in their local language. With our most recent update, online ticket store visitors can now select the language they would like to view the events even on their mobile devices.

4. Steal A Deal

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, offer great discounts to attract new attendees. If you plan your event well in advance, you can roll out an early bird offer or buy one get a second ticket at 50% off. If you’ve arranged food for your attendees, you can give them a bundled offer. Offer a group discount and encourage large groups to attend your event. Large groups mean more tickets will be sold quickly. Use our MailChimp integration to let your attendees know about the crazy offers you’ve rolled out for them.

5. Give Them A Great Experience

Treat your attendees right, answer their queries, be it related to the booking process or about the parking facility. Use a ticketing platform like ours which provides 24/7 chat support for your ticket purchasers as well.
It definitely is a winner, because it takes so little effort to click on that little side window that’s always there and provide help to your event attendees in a single click! Eventually, it’s the overall experience that will leave them speechless. Oktoberfest gives its attendees a great experience with the service, the beer, the food, and the rides. It takes care of the interests of all age groups. Similarly, delight your attendees with a seamless experience with your events. A lot of factors can impact your attendees’ experience like the check-in and check-out process, improper signage, and lack of volunteers to help your guests. Using our online ticketing system, you can avoid chaos at the entry and exit. Our YapScan mobile app validates your attendees quickly, thereby reducing the queues and giving them a good experience right at the start of the event.

If you get these tricks right, you are on the right path to achieving a sold-out event. Want to promote and sell out your next event? Sign up with Yapsody and do it for free. We are offering some exciting offers so you can give your attendees the best experience through your events. Create your event today and avail a flat 25% off on your ticketing fee by using our promo code “OKTOBERFEST25”. Sign up Now!

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