Ways To Double Your Ticket Sales

Ways To Double Your Ticket Sales

While the Event Industry is filled with enthusiasm and wild, positive energy, there is one part of it that is downright dull and difficult at the same time – online ticket sales. You’ll often find the Sales Team with a long list and a cellphone, trying to strike a deal with people who keep their phones aside as soon as they hear you.

Of course, nobody can magically convert this into an easy trade (in fact, it’s only magic that can possibly make that happen), but it can definitely be made interesting for your sales department. These are some of the tips to sell tickets!


There’s a reason why it’s called “cold-calling”, it’s because it is heartless and so monotonous, the person on the other side suddenly feels life has been drained from the entire world. If it’s boring for you, just imagine the amount of patience a person will need to listen to you ranting a memorized and well-practiced set of dialogues.

Add a bit of creativity, humor, and interaction so that talking to you makes him let go off his other issues for those few seconds and actually enjoy dealing with you.


You’re probably crammed in a workplace along with a hundred other people doing the same job as you –to increase ticket sales. It is monotonous and highly disheartening, especially when results aren’t showing. During such times, take the baton in your hand and be the sunshine of the group.

Smiling before calling instantly changes your tone. If you keep up your spirits and maintain a good attitude, your customers will enjoy talking to you and it’ll inspire your team members.


Even the Powerpuff girls needed a Chemical X along with sugar, spice, and everything nice to be the legends that they turned out to be. You can be an embodiment of positivity, but if you don’t try something new and creative to double your tickets sales, there’s no way you’ll be able to crack a deal. Starting off with a high sales pitch is definitely not going to work, so keep it subtle and interactive.


Remember how I’ve been repeatedly asking you to make your conversations more ‘interactive’? Well, here’s a way you could do that – by telling them a little story where they play the lead role. It could be something like this: “Suppose you own a blog for budding entrepreneurs, and you want to get a hundred followers in a single day. I’ll give you $15 to accomplish the same. Tell me, Henry, how will you go about it?” And when they start thinking and turn silent, you can jump in and say, “Well, you could buy an event ticket to the Entrepreneurs’ Summit where over a hundred start-ups will be participating, and you’ll also get to interact with big investors and other popular personalities belonging to this niche!” There, Henry is now a hero and an attendee!

So, you see how little things can just be tweaked in order to gain your potential buyer’s attention and convince them to buy your ticket, your booth or sponsor you? A little creativity and positivity is all you need to make this otherwise dull and difficult job far more energetic and fun!

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