Wall-E: Social Wall For Your Event

Wall-E: Social Wall For Your Event

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know by now that I have a thing (a rather bad one) for mismatched puns and references. And no, I can’t explain. So, instead of me trying to explain and miserably failing, let’s skip to the part where I start making sense (yes, that IS a thing).

Social walls are big screens that are put up during events that collect and display all the social media activity that’s happening inside the event. For example, if you are hosting an casino events and have a dedicated hashtag for it, the tweets sent out by your attendees with your hashtags will be displayed on the social wall. This is refreshed every few seconds, ensuring that the display is real-time. Of course, your attendees will love it if their tweets are flashed on the big screen for everyone at the event to see, but is that all a social wall has to offer? If not, what else? Well, let’s have a look.


As funny as it sounds, that term is on its way to competing with ‘selfie’. The few seconds of glory that is received when an attendee sees his tweet on the screen encourages everyone to keep posting more and more on social media with your event’s hashtag. That level of social media activity can just work wonders for your event and your brand. Coming to screenception, it is a phenomenon that’s observed when someone clicks a picture of the wall when his tweet or post is being flashed and posts it. Doesn’t make sense, but sure as hell makes your online presence huge.


The technology only witnessed the display of tweets and Facebook posts related to the event in its early days, but now social walls have a lot more than just that. Walls now have aesthetically arranged and integrated posts, images, and videos from across a large number of social media outlets including Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


As much as I wish it were true, this Wall-E cannot think on its own and find out what has to go up and what needs to be ignored. For text posts, hashtag filters are used, while keyword or phrase filters are used for images and videos. Social walls can be highly customized, though, according to what you need for your event.


Like I said, this Wall-E doesn’t have a brain of its own, so it cannot moderate the posts that go up. Usually, live moderation is the most preferred technique where you can view and moderate every post before it is sent up on the wall using your phone or laptop. If you don’t have the time or resources for live moderation, you could also buy packages that provide basic profanity and keyword filters that can be preset. The easiest way to moderate the posts is by creating a twitter handle where you simply retweet the posts that you want to share and only these posts get to go up.


Social walls can be included in all kinds of events including conference events, trade shows, and fundraisers. You can embed social walls in a website or mobile app to create a buzz and encourage social media activity before or after the event. But, what matters is that your screen be large enough so that it is viewed by a large number of people at the same time. Social walls can also be used for internal purposes. For example, a private live screen can be used to connect remote employees to enable them to connect to each other.


  • SOCIAL REACH: Like I’ve mentioned a million times before, it’ll increase social media activity around your event, boost conversations and foster communities before, during, and after your event.
  • EASY TO USE: Live displays are big, but not complicated. They can be easily set up and configured. Plus, they create a happening environment that entertains your attendees and gives your event a tech savvy edge.
  • MONETIZE YOUR WALL: You don’t have to share a random train of tweets when you can easily use your wall for running competitions and marketing your brand. Some smart techniques and you’ll be able to come up with a hundred ways of using the big screen.
  • QUALITY CONTENT: Since their tweets will have a chance to get displayed on a screen that is being viewed by so many other people at that very instant present in the same room, the quality of the content is bound to shoot up.


Social walls are a big leap when it comes to technology in events, and within no time, presenters have come up with innovative ways to put them to use. At the same time, one should realize that events have a lot more to them than just social media, so care should be taken that these big screens don’t overshadow everything else the event stands for. Your event wall shouldn’t just be an add-on; it should blend with the rest of your engagement tools and represent the innate values of the event. Depending upon your event, you can have a list of things to do with your wall, and the best way to figure that out would be to look at examples, sit with your team and brainstorm.

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