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Utilizing YouTube Web Series For Event Marketing

Utilizing YouTube Web Series For Event Marketing

With video content taking over the web traffic, event marketers and venue owners are building their YouTube strategy to amplify their brand to a wider audience. Being a community and social media heavyweight, a sizable chunk of your audience will be a YouTube user and is consuming video content through web series, originals, and long-form videos.

Leveraging YouTube is a must-do for improving your event marketing. As an event marketer, you can bring about many themes and elements to your YouTube web series for every type of event that you organize. No matter which type of event or show that you organize, you can definitely hop on the YouTube bandwagon to create unique content. 

Here’s How You Can Utilize YouTube Web Series For Event Marketing

Once you’ve started with your YouTube channel, make sure to embrace the social media optimization of your channel. You need to have all your branding and event-related elements in place such as header/background image, channel logo, channel bio, social media links, website links, online ticket store links, and so on. 

Once you’ve done all that and build up a good bank of videos, it’s time to segregate them into playlists based on the video type. Segregating your playlists helps improve your search engine results and makes it easier for your viewers and event attendees to find videos that they might be interested in. 

Teasers are at the heart of your event marketing strategy. Everyone loves a good tease and with a well-produced teaser or sizzle, you can get the audiences and viewership to look forward to something. As an event organizer, you can create teaser series itself for newer viewers to get a glimpse of what your brand of event management is all about. 

Even though teasers are a time-bound marketing tactic, they somehow end up with millions of views due to their short video length and maximum impact factor. So, if you have an upcoming event or a highlight reel of past events, don’t shy away from showing it off as a teaser video series. You might want to spread as much information you can through your videos but try to keep it at the 30-60 second mark in case of teasers. 

Creating co-branded video content with your event affiliates such as venue owners, sponsors, keynote speakers, logistics partners, event ticketing partners, and so on guarantees a successful inflow of views.

Not only are your event attendees watching your videos but the brand that you’ve collaborated to create a web series also diverts traffic to your channel. A win-win strategy to garner more views and grow your subscriber base. 

Probably one of the most watched videos on YouTube is the artist interviews or behind the scenes of your event. Viewers are more likely to click on these video web series to binge-watch as compared to your normal videos.

Pro-Tip: Give your event affiliates or artists a video shoutout which will be amplified by them further on their social media and increase your viewership. 

A web series to document your most memorable experiences – event after movies takes the cream as a reminder for years to come. It’s a culmination of all your team efforts and management coming together on the screen. It can be the after “afterparty” of your video section. Make sure to involve a creative videography team that captures your event in its entirety and creates something awe-inspiring out of it.

Last but not least, share your web series videos on your social channels. Consider embedding YouTube channels into your blogs and resources for further amplification and effective conversions

After all, is said and done, you can utilize YouTube stories to create a snippet or a short video of your web series that highlights key moments from your videos. This is a feature only on their mobile app, you may want to optimize your videos peculiar to mobile devices and users. Your subscribers can create engagement through the exchange of thumbs up, thumbs down, hearts, and the comment section. 

Pro-tip: Once you’ve created a good amount of web series, you can add those video links or the entire YouTube channel link to your Online Ticket Store as a branded element for your event attendees to enjoy. You can also add UGC, social media posts, video testimonials from previous year’s events to increase the possibility of conversions. 

As an organic technique to boost video views, subscribers, and overall watch time, CTA’s, video interlinking through screen cards, and in-video prompts are crucial for getting the most mileage out of your promotional event videos.

To sum it up, YouTube has evolved from being a simple promo uploading channel to a full-on community-based social media heavyweight. Gain the upper hand on your competitors by leveraging the best functionalities of YouTube. As an event planner and event marketer, your potential to excel at YouTube is endless based on your genre of events. No matter what your choice of web series is, it’s imperative that you have your footprint on this social media and community biggie called YouTube. 

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