Ways To Effectively Promote Your Hotel Events with Social Media

Ways To Effectively Promote Your Hotel Events with Social Media

From letters to telephones- the man has always found a way of social interaction. Letters and telephone calls, however, have given way to social networking today. Social networking has paved the way for better interaction among men from one point of the globe to another distant point. Social networking has fostered growth as it boosts the culmination of ideas, provides a platform for people to voice their opinions and makes sure that their voices or appeals reach the rest.

Facebook and Twitter- the two strongest and the most popular social networking sites have emerged as platforms which take just a few minutes to spread the word. These are the most effective present-day tools for content marketing. Gone are the days of posters and graffiti on the roadside walls. Promotional stunts for events and functions are best fulfilled via Twitter and Facebook today, to publicize conferences, webinars and any other occasions.

Facebook Social Media Marketing is your latest Rescuer

  1. Share the Word through Facebook

Facebook provides an opportunity for the user to connect with major email service providers. You can import your contacts, inviting them to like your page. There are detailed steps on Facebook which will guide you on how to upload your contact list, though; there is a limitation of 5000 contacts that it can support. So, let your Event Landing Pages be noticed.

  1. Interesting Quotient is The New I.Q!

A light-hearted and attractive post which conveys your message properly is always more appreciated than one in a formal tone. This will capture people’s attention easily and keep them boiling with excitement and intrigue more to your event site. So, create interesting event ads to steal the attention of your audience.

  1. Target, Shoot, Specific Companies!

Facebook can be used for workplace targeting, that too, at a fraction cost of that of LinkedIn.

  1. Target Audience- Key To Your Success!

A specific group of audiences can be targeted for app installs. First, upload your hotel’s event attendee list to Facebook by uploading a data file, and then give your campaign a name. The audience can be identified by Email or mobile number. Next, you have to click on the ‘Create an Ad’ option next to the Audience Name. Then, you have to select “App Installs”. You will then be prompted to key in your app URL.

Facebook is, indeed, a powerful tool for the promotion of the hotels event. Thus, it should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.


Tweet and Retweet: Get Your Event noticed easily

  1. Get Set Go- Create a Profile

A profile can be created especially for the event or even in general. All potential clients or audience are to be followed. Be advance, you have an image to create! Create the page well before your event.

  1. Be Unique with your Industry Hashtags

After you’re ready, think of a suitable hashtag. Be careful because, obviously, you don’t want it to get hijacked or lost. It should be brief, relevant, easy to spell and unambiguous.

  1. Make Them Aware Of Your Page

All the emails you send and the online event ticket registration forms should contain the Twitter handle and hashtag. This is to make sure, your exhibitors and attendees are made aware of.

  1. Take a Step Before others!

Encourage your management team to contribute tweets or to retweet to boost the awareness of your event’s social media and your Hotel Name. This will aid you to build a sustainable base of followers.

Event promotion and event marketing never had this mammoth reach until these social giants Facebook and Twitter came into existence. SMM was never so easy before, was it? So, to make sure that you are seen and heard Twitter and Facebook marketing are inevitable!

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