Using Social Distancing To Your Advantage During COVID-19

Using Social Distancing To Your Advantage During COVID-19

For the first time, the entire world is trying to figure out the solution to one big problem. For us, this collective consciousness of humanity coming together to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s unpredictability is nothing short of a global event where everyone is trying to come out stronger than ever. 

While healthcare & scientific personnel do their best, people are advised to practice social distancing to minimize the spread. This has resulted in people canceling outstation trips and events which is natural considering the nature of this pandemic. We understand that your event investments might have been affected but event organizers are no strangers to last-minute panicking and struggle only to rise out of it like a phoenix.

While all of us practice social distancing, it doesn’t mean that people isolate themselves in the process of it. 

Here’s how you can use Social Distancing to your Advantage during COVID-19

1. Change Your Upcoming Event To An Online Event

Now that the global audience has collectively tuned into the internet for their daily entertainment needs, it’s time you took the virtual route for hosting events. If you haven’t postponed your events yet, you can get started with our  COVID-19 Event Postponement and Management Tips.

2. Strategize For The Future

Since you can catch your breath for a minute without running around events, you can take your time to layout important ideas for your future events. Set up your communication guidelines and strengthen bonds with your sponsors, vendors, and venue-owners.

3. Gather Attendee Feedback

Why not take social distancing as an opportunity to re-connect with your guest list and audience to gather useful information. When you create a web event on our event ticketing platform, use our Questionnaires and Surveys to garner suggestions and recommendations from your audience to improve your future events.

4. Buckle Up For The Virtual Way

If you’ve always thought about hosting events online, now is the time to try out this new format when people are busy glued to their phones looking for new forms of entertainment. You can try to host live music concerts, short stand-ups, Q&A sessions and so on. Learn more about 5 types Of Virtual Events To Bring People Together.

5. Audit Your Social Media Platforms

Event presenters can tend to be all over the place when they are busy marketing their events across all the social media platforms. This is a good time to clear out the clutter and organize important details like contact information, your office functioning hours, email ID that helps your audience and sponsors in connecting with you. 

6. Bring People Together Online

Once you’ve decided on taking the virtual route, you will find it much easier to LIVE stream your events. As an event organizer, you can bring people together online on a single platform like Facebook Live or Instagram Live. Learn more about choosing the right platform for live streaming online events.

7. Keep Sustainability In Mind

Sustainable events are the need of the hour and rightly so. As event organizers and attendees, it’s our responsibility to make sure we make a difference by going eco-friendly or perhaps adopting a more sustainable approach to enjoying events. Here are 3 ways to make your event more sustainable and leave the planet cleaner and greener

We hope you’re finding creative ways to keep yourself occupied during this phase of social distancing. Remember that we are in this together and as a collective consciousness, we can get through this and bounce back stronger to create memorable events that will define 2020 for years to come.

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