See why our Ticketing system is Users first choice

See why our Ticketing system is Users first choice

For any event presenter, fans are king. So as a presenter, it’s important to consider what your fans expect from your ticketing system.

According to IBISWorld Report, ticket purchasers highly value a ticketing system’s “user-friendliness”. Their Ticketing Software Satisfaction Survey report asked ticket purchasers to rate a list of functions in terms of their perceived importance in a ticketing solution.  Approximately 40% of respondents ranked easy navigation as the most important criteria.  25% of respondents selected easy card processing, and another 27% selected Tech Support.  Clearly the vast majority of ticket purchasers are primarily looking for a hassle-free experience. 

User friendly event ticketing

Yapsody truly values what fans mean to event presenters, and that’s why we are dedicated to offering simple ticketing with excellent support and all at a price that no fan or presenter could ever refuse.

Hope you found this survey report interesting and helpful. Please feel free to share your comments and thought with us.

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