Tips to Run Your Event Smoothly!

Tips to Run Your Event Smoothly!

Running an event might be prolonged and stressful. From arranging, to administering on event day to wrapping up after the event, with such a large number of balls to juggle at once, it is a wonder that an event can actually end on a high note. However, in last few years, various tools have been introduce that could be important weapons in an event presenter’s arsenal for simplifying the event process. Here’s a rundown of some useful tools for helping you run your next event smoothly.

When you talk about online ticketing, ticketing fees are rarely left out of the conversation. Before Yapsody, most anyone purchasing tickets for a concert, a trade show or any other event from the Internet had to pay some ticketing fees. We at Yapsody are totally against the concept of charging “FEES” to event goers simply for providing access to a ticketing platform. On Yapsody, event presenters can create an account in 10 seconds, create an event in as little as 2 minutes, and sell out an event without anyone paying a ticketing fee.

MailChimp makes it easy for anybody to design eye-catching HTML email campaigns, automatically manage subscriber lists, and track results. Just point, click, and send. No coding or programming required. With Yapsody’s MailChimp feature, we make it easy to automatically export your customer lists to your Mailchimp account.

Evernote transforms the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into a canvas for your mind, helping you to document and recollect everything that happens in your Event. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and instantly synchronize between your mobile and desktop devices.

If your event utilizes presentations and speakers, then SlideShare is a tool that allows you to gather all these presentations in one place and invite attendees to view them following the event. This is a great way to cement the knowledge sharing between presenters and attendees that took place during your event and extend the attendee experience beyond the event.

As you can see, Yapsody and other above tools are extremely powerful, easy-to-use and very effective for your event, so go ahead and run your event smoothly.

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