Use Your Social Media Community For Your Event’s Growth

Use Your Social Media Community For Your Event’s Growth

If you have an event that you host annually, it is very likely that over the years you’ve developed a base of loyal attendees who make it a point to attend your event every year. While these people are the ones who are bound to visit your website, follow your event page, and register for the event, your event’s growth isn’t measured by these recurring loyal faces. Your event’s success is based on how many new faces you manage to convert into your attendees, and this is what all the hassle is about.

Today, with so many events springing up and so many people trying the same old marketing techniques, it’s difficult to grow your event by employing the conventional methods. While social media is considered to be a very powerful tool, it’s not unusual to witness presenters who, even after making use of social media, end up unsatisfied with the results. That’s primarily because presenters fail to realize that social media is not like your regular email marketing where you just send email blasts and your attendees occupy a rather passive role; it’s an interactive medium where you have to ensure an active role of your target audience.

When you realize the real potential of social media, you can not only promote your event in front of your target audience; you can also convert them into ambassadors of your event. You build a relationship with your attendees and allow them to share their enthusiasm about their event with their network, hence creating brand awareness in a more personal and trusted manner. These “empowered” attendees are known as advocates, and this technique is referred to as Advocate Marketing.

This is how you build your community of Advocates:

  1. To rope in new attendees, you have to show them how credible your event is. A lot of people attend events because someone they know is also attending. So, show your target audience who’s coming, tell them about your speakers and guests, and what your past events looked like.
  2. Incorporate social media into the registration process. This has many benefits – the registration process is sped up, it becomes easier for attendees to register, and they can easily share about your event with their social network.
  3. If you want your advocates to share your event amongst their network, you can give them personal invites and suggestions based on the people who might be interested in the event and belong to their network.
  4. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, you’ll have a base of loyal attendees who love your event. If these people promote your event, it will create a big impression.
  5. Send them emails and reach out to them, inviting them to your event and informing them about the tiny, specific details that you think might have an influence on them.

Always remember, the tools don’t grow old; your way of using them do. Keep experimenting with your existing resources and find new ways of using them to their maximum potential to make your event grow.

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