Updating Your MailChimp Contact List Directly Through Yapsody

Updating Your MailChimp Contact List Directly Through Yapsody

When it comes to letting your customers know about your next event, there are several options to explore such as social media marketing, traditional advertising, and web advertising.  However, one of the best, most personalized and most interactive methods is through email. With Yapsody, sending emails to your customers is not at all a complicated task. With our MailChimp integration, it’s easy to quickly import your contact list to sync it with Yapsody.

MailChimp Integration

Most event presenters must have come across this email marketing tool at some point, and for good reason: it’s one of the best mass mailing systems in the market, which is why Yapsody has integrated Mailchimp into its ticketing platform. We love integrating with other industry leaders which is why we offer some of the best features in the event ticketing industry.

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