Turn Your Ideas Into Flawless Event Tech Solutions

Turn Your Ideas Into Flawless Event Tech Solutions

Event technology has changed significantly in the last few years. From standing in a queue to booking tickets online, the attendee experience just gets better by the day. A lot has changed for the event presenters too. Using our event ticketing platform, they can create & manage events, optimize their cash flow, brand, and market their events to relevant audiences. It doesn’t stop here! 

Our proprietary mobile applications are a must-have for event presenters to enhance their attendee’s experience. Our technological suite of services plays witness to our offerings to the event ticketing and hospitality landscape.


To help event presenters save time, Yapsody’s technology and development experts designed a mobile app – YapSan that scans your event attendee’s tickets in no time, giving them a seamless experience right before the event begins.


Event presenters need real-time data to quickly assess the situation and develop a plan to meet the goal. YapStats does just that. It gives you real-time statistics about your online ticket sales for the event directly on multiple Android/iOS devices.

When event presenters have multiple accounts, it becomes challenging to keep a track of all the activities and the sales conversion for every account. With the YapStats, you can track real-time sales data for each event across all accounts and access key event-related information at your fingertips.

Endless Possibilities With Our Event Tech & Services 

Contactless becoming the buzz word in 2020, there are few technological advances and interfaces that are a must-have in 2021 that will minimize unnecessary contact at your future events. 

Chatbot Based Help Desks & Kiosks

Fully sanitized and automated customer support kiosks and help desks will be powered by web-based apps and interfaces that will enhance your customer support in a simple, easy to understand manner. Led by design and powered by technology, our experts follow global compliances to create value-adding cross-platform web and apps for your guests and internal teams. 

Looking to take your event planning and venue operation a few notches? Learn more about our technology development services that will help you deliver tailor-made solutions for your audience and be a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.

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