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Top 3 Tech Solutions Event Venues Can Opt For

Event Tech Trends Every Event Organizer Should Know

Event tech solutions for your venues can go a long way in providing an amazing guest experience for your event attendees. In 2020 – 2021, the virtual world through social media platforms has become the center of all interactions, personal or professional, and continues to do so. The number of online events is higher than ever before with Hybrid events becoming the next big thing as businesses are trying to adapt to the ‘new normal.

Here Are the Top 3 Event Tech Solutions You Can Opt For:

Even though socially distanced events are taking place, contactless or online events will be the trend for months to come. With vaccinations drives successfully taking place all over, contactless event ticketing, event check-in, and ticket validation will be key components for improving your event management in 2021.

Facial recognition event check-in can also be your choice of a tech solution to avoid duplication and be secure when it comes to your data security. There are multiple touchpoints for your event attendees such as building your event list database, automate your event newsletters, and speedier check-ins. Learn more about our database management service.

Chatbot-based solutions as part of your event support kiosks and help desks will be powered by tech solutions and web apps to enhance your customer support seamlessly. 

Led by design and powered by technology, our experts follow global compliances to create cross-platform web and apps. Contact us to learn the possibilities of implementing custom-made mobile apps and platforms tailored to your event and business requirements. 

Paperless ticketing will ensure zero carbon footprint apart from fast-tracking your entire event ticketing process and make your event far more sustainable

Ticket touting and ticket fraud can be easily avoided through paperless ticketing and makes one less thing to worry about at your event venue. YapScan and YapStats are two of our in-house mobile apps that keep event-day hassles at bay.

Have a vision for your branded mobile app or web-app solution that can be designed for your internal and external event management teams? 

Give our tech development services a thought. We innovate solutions to enable services such as:

Looking to take your event tech solutions up a few notches? 

Our technology development services will help you deliver tailor-made solutions for your audience.

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