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11 Reasons To Choose Yapsody For The Holiday Season

Top Reasons to Choose Yapsody for Your Holiday Season Event Listing

The holiday season can be overwhelming for an event organizer overloaded with tasks, be it planning, promoting, or selling their event tickets online. With Halloween, Christmas, and New Year happening in a flow, planning your holiday season can be a difficult task, but not if you’re using the right event ticketing platform.

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An ideal event ticketing platform will not just save time but also your money so you can pump it into your holiday season events. Here are the top 11 reasons to choose Yapsody as your preferred event ticketing partner for your holiday season parties.

1. Pricing

With an ideal event ticketing platform, you don’t want to pay through your nose for the same features you’ll get elsewhere. Why overspend when you can get the best features at an incredibly low price? Our online ticketing system offers premium features at low pricing which can also be free if you choose to pass on fees to your ticket purchaser

Especially during the holiday season, when you have multiple event expenses, investing in Yapsody helps you save time and money.

2. Online Payment Gateways

Secure payment processing and ticket booking can are what every attendee expects while buying your tickets online. To ensure you give them just that, we have integrated multiple Online Payment Gateways including PayPal, Stripe, WePay, Braintree, and many others across 60 countries while supporting 170+ currencies

So whether you’re organizing a White Christmas in the USA or a local Oktoberfest in Europe, your payment will be powered by the best in the world.

3. Fees Customization 

Offers can be a great way to save holiday season costs but it’s even better when your event ticketing partner makes it free for you. Yes, you read that right. When you choose to pass on fees, you pay less on ticketing fees and in turn boost online ticket sales for your event.

4. Branded Customization

We give you your own personalized store with your subdomain called the Online Ticket Store. It lets you display all your events on a single interface All you need to do is:

You can also brand and customize your event tickets using our ticket customization feature as per your holiday season themes such as Halloween or Christmas.

5. Virtual Box Office

Creating and managing your events can be complicated during the holiday season. With Yapsody, you can manage your event as well as undertake box-office sales for purchasers preferring to buy last-minute tickets at your venue with our Virtual Box Office.

Especially during the holiday season, when you have a huge lineup of back-to-back events, creating each event from scratch can be time-consuming. Using the box office, you can copy your existing event and simply make changes to it.

6. Event Reporting

Reports give you a clear picture of where you stand. Be it a single event or multiple events at different locations, our real-time reports give you detailed information about your attendees, your events and your sales conversion during the holiday season or otherwise.

7. Event Marketing Integrations

With event marketing integrations, you can use our email marketing integration to send out personalized holiday season invites, offers, and reminders to your attendees. Enhance your event visibility using our in-built SEO tool. That way, your targeted attendees can find your holiday season events online and book their tickets.

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8. Event Ticketing Blog

For being associated with Yapsody, we showcase the best of your upcoming events on our event ticketing blog. Want your holiday season campaign to get featured on blogs? You can also ask our content marketing team to list your event on one of our blogs by writing to us at

9. Event Tracking Apps

With multiple tasks to handle, we understand how important time and money is for you. During the holiday season, it can be a nightmare of sorts. To offset your event day challenges, custom-designed event mobile apps ease the ticketing process.

10. 24/7 Support

People tend to abandon an online transaction if they don’t have the answers to their questions. With our 24/7 support, that’s nearly impossible. Whether it’s a query about parking or simply about how to set up your payment gateway online, our 24/7 support is always there to help you with your event-related queries.

11. Yapsody Loyalty Program

When you finally choose Yapsody and establish your relationship with us, you get the perks, no one else does. If you already have a lot of events in the pipeline, what are you waiting for? Partner with us and become eligible for our loyalty program.

We want to steer your event planning strategy, marketing, logistics, operations, and ticketing in the right direction through useful resources. We hope these 11 reasons to switch to Yapsody resonated with the event guru in you. If yes, don’t forget to check out our Guide For Making The Most Out Of the Holiday Season.

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