Tips To Resume And Improve Your Event Business In 2020

Tips To Resume And Improve Your Event Business In 2020

Now that the holiday season is safely resuming its way into the community, many hospitality and entertainment venues who’ve resumed their businesses are looking forward to improving their event business. Our YapStudy provides a comprehensive review and insights for the entire industry which we’ve summarized in the points below. 

Here are a few tips to resume and improve your event business in 2020 

1. Innovation & Creativity Will Pave The Way

Think of drive-in concerts, dive-in pool events, or any other premium offering that doesn’t make your patrons hesitant to step inside your venue. Innovation and creativity in your event logistics should also reflect amplified safety and sanitation protocols. Learn more about navigating the latest in event technology

2. Announce Your Re-Opening 

You can’t just put up a flyer and expect that to do all the marketing by itself. Open up your lines of communication across all channels such as social media and customer service announcing your dates of re-opening. Your re-opening might be in phases with a different set of rules and regulations. Don’t hold back from giving out all those crucial pieces of information that will make your patrons feel safe about your venue. 

3. Weigh In Between Your Indoor & Outdoor Sections

According to our US Concert Survey conducted in the first half of 2020, your guests and event attendees are more likely to be part of your venue if you’re peculiar about your seating arrangements. Outdoor sections seem to be the venue of choice as long as social distancing is concerned, but indoor venues can also be used for invite-only events. 

4. Create Budget-Friendly Packages

Not only are audiences eager for a breath of fresh entertainment, but they’re also on the lookout for budget-friendly deals and packages. Our event ticketing system lets you stay ahead of the competition through multiple ticket types and discount options which you can combine to create the best event ticket flexibility. 

5. Keep Track Of The News 

We’re living in an era of unpredictability which is why it is necessary to stay abreast of the recent developments and changes in the industry. Only those who stay relevant in their offerings can improve their event business in 2020. Improvise, adapt, and overcome as they say. 

We understand how everyone might feel hesitant about springing back to action in this critical period, which is why we’re offering you a path to recovery. With most regulations easing off around the world, our COVID recovery offer is part of our unwavering support in helping every entity to spring back in action and bring the event community back on its feet, collectively.

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