Tips to Boost your online event ticket sales

Tips to Boost your online event ticket sales

When you make a decision of creating an event, the first and the foremost thing is to analyse how to sell those tickets. The extraordinary thing about creating an event now, rather than 10 years back, is that, at present it’s so easy to sell tickets online. There are number of ticketing platforms that makes our job easier by selling tickets online. But then…Is there a possibility of doing it in a much better approach? And the answer to this question is to just go ahead and simply feel free to do it.

Everything depends on what are your goals for the event. If someone is planning to create a small event, his/her needs will be completely different from the person who is planning to arrange a large conference. In short the needs would be different for both the event organisers. So if you’re planning to create events to reach your target audience, this is the time where you get to grow your community and meet new people.

So now you simply need to decide which platform best fits your needs as an event organizer.

Here are a few things to remember:

  •   Make Your Event Page more appealing.

While surfing isn’t it nice to see something, which is more appealing to eyes. The best way to sell tickets online is to look at the minute details of your event page which includes the venue details, event description, photos, and the location. If the page visitors share something that looks great on your event page then indirectly it is “WORD OF MOUTH” for your event. In short a good event page reflects the personality of the Event Organiser.

  •  Catchy Images & Videos

How boring will a page look without images, something like a bride without make-up? Sounds funny! But, then that’s true. Event page without images & Videos will almost look like an Application Form.

Events are all about experiences. While selling tickets to an upcoming event make sure you show a glimpse of what the event goers are going to experience rather than trying to explain it more in words. This will create excitement among the event goers as in what more to expect.

  •  Responsive Event Page

If someone buys your event tickets, as soon as they hear about it, you’ll sell more tickets! So for such reasons the event page needs to be more mobile friendly. Such event pages that are highly optimized eliminates frustration from the buyer and tracks hold on ticket sales as soon as people are eager to know about the event.

  •  Social Sharing Tools

Try broadcasting your events on various social platforms like Facebook Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest etc. This helps in increasing your event visibility on various social networking platforms and creates awareness about the upcoming event. This will give you a better sense of what other people think about your event and eventually it will help you to boost your Event ticket sales.

  •  Email Invites

Email marketing is an effective way to promote your event and reach out to maximum attendees. A personalized invitation makes the recipient feel wanted and can compel him or her to register for your event. Keep email invitation to the point. Email invite should clearly highlight the event details and explain about an event in brief.

To provide additional information about your event, link to an event page. Before Sending email invites, make sure the registration for your event is open and ready to accept the attendees.

Promoting an event isn’t that simple. Use these five tips to boost your online event ticket sales!

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