Tips and Tricks to Promote Events Successfully

Tips and Tricks to Promote Events Successfully

Yes, yes, let me explain. No, it has nothing to do with Halloween. Yes, it is about “Tips and Tricks to Promote Events”. In fact, it’s ONLY about event promotion – these are some handy “tricks” you can use to host a successful event, and success is always followed by “treats”, isn’t it? Hence, the title. (Please continue reading, I swear it gets better than this.)

Get Site-d!

Your website, or your online ticket store, will probably be the first SIGNIFICANT impression that you’ll make on your customers. So, make sure you make a good one. When you register with Yapsody, we don’t just give you a platform to sell tickets – we give you an online ticket store with a customized URL (e.g. where your customers can

  • Interact and connect with you in your local language (Click Here to check if your local language is supported by Yapsody)
  • Add multiple events to the Shopping Cart so that they can Check Out with a single transaction
  • View entire history of their past transactions, and of course
  • Buy tickets!

You can also have a customized section for FAQs to answer possible queries of your customers.

Social Media

Social Media is just never enough promotion. Never. Enough. It is the easiest way to spread word about your event and reach a large audience. Plus, it’s much easier for someone to simply click the “Share” button to let people know about your upcoming event or concert, than actually talk and explain. Yapsody provides you with Social Media widgets that help you with your promotion. You can embed these buttons in your Facebook page, your blog, your Tweets and divert traffic to your website, registration page, or online ticket store. And there is no known job that can’t be done with a few buttons set loose, is there? *wink*

Because Sharing is Caring

Get out there, be a good kid, and share your event on social event sites like and These websites allow you to publish your event details in order to drive more traffic and increase your target audience reach. Thankfully, a lot of them are free and let you put up your description, event date, time, venue, pricing, and website address.

Did someone say “free”?

The moment you read that the social event sites are free, you’re already Googling your way through twenty of them. So, why not give back some free stuff to the virtual world as well? Discounts, promotional coupons, freebies – they are little packets of happiness. People love free, no matter what it is. Yapsody lets you add different types of discount offers to your tickets: early purchase, group discounts, promo codes, and a lot more.

The “E” in “Email” stands for “Evergreen”

Emails always work. And when I say ‘always’, I mean it. You can easily import your customer list into your MailChimp contact list with our easy-to-use integration tool. Use it to send across event updates, newsletters, and interact with your customers easily. Frequent emails show you care, and that you are active. With blue ticks and ‘Seen’, people have grown used to instant responses.

Many of them might be old-school knew-that-one-already tips, but they still work. And I’m sure they always will. Just like my jokes. My jokes don’t work? Maybe because I don’t pay them enough! Okay, maybe I should take that one back. *facepalm*

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