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Ticket Pricing & Retention Strategy Every Event Presenter Needs

Ticket Pricing & Retention Strategy Every Event Presenter Needs

Retaining your event audiences is just as important as acquiring them. During the peak COVID times, we had launched our COVID-19 Resources to help event presenters navigate the new normal with a new set of strategies. Looking back, it was not just one strategy fits all but a combination of services and features such as:

  • Invite-Only Codes: With social distancing still prevalent since last years, this was one of the most preferred approaches for event organizers to create a private event adhering to safety guidelines. Through Invite-Only Access Codes, they were also able to bring in newer audiences to their venues who were looking for safer ground.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: Having to deal with cancellations and refunds, keeping their frontlines of communication going was our 24/7 Support which helped them retain their attendees for the future. Our customer relations team has been creating a cycle of engagement for businesses worldwide through a gamut of customer support offerings


  • Accept Donations Feature:  With tough times all around, non-profit entities conducted community-driven initiatives and did even more through their charities or fundraisers with our “Accept Donations” feature. 

Coming back to 2021, markets have started to open up and looking to get back in the game. And rightly so, the need for effective pricing is not only the need of the hour but also to retain the existing batch of event attendees.  

Here are our Ticket Pricing & Retention Strategies That Every Event Presenter Needs

  • Flexi-Ticket Pricing 

While creating your event and performance you can easily segregate your ticket categories by adding multiple ticket types such as Student, Adult, VIP, and assign individual ticket pricing for each group. 

You even have the flexibility to apply varied pricing combinations and discount schemes to different performances (or “recurring events”) rather than the one-size-fits-all approach. 

  • Discounts & Packages

With our Discount & Packages feature, you can choose to create a group discount to increase your referral ticket sellout in bulk. Let the word of mouth do its magic through a simple custom discount you create.

Awarding an exclusive loyalty discount coupon or loyalty package to your loyal event attendees is the easiest way to encourage recurring ticket sales. Even small figures like 10% or $2 discounts on the base ticket price can make a big difference in your revenue optimization.  There are 5 types of discounts that you can utilize to boost your event revenue and audience retention:

  • Early Purchase Discount – Encourage early bird ticket sales by rewarding people who purchase the ticket before anyone else can get their hands on it.
  • Group Discount – Encourage people to purchase more tickets by rewarding them with a group discount.  In fact, you can have multiple tiers of group discounts.  For example, you can set the discounts so that people who purchase 10 tickets get 10% off and people who purchase 20 tickets get 20% off.
  • General Promo Codes – Encourage ticket sales by giving a discount to people who enter an advertised promo code.  You can apply validity dates and limit redemption by performance and ticket type.
  • Single-Use Promo Codes – Maintain event exclusivity by giving unique promo codes to individually targeted people.  These codes can only be used once.  You can apply validity dates and limit redemption by ticket type.
  • Miscellaneous discount – Create your own custom discount without using one of the above-preset frameworks.


  • Event Marketing & Branding 

A major factor where event organizers were able to retain their audiences for years was due to their brand recognition and recall. They were able to stand out with their branding and personalization. Whether it’s their Online Ticket Store or Customized E-Tickets, these minute elements go a long way in bringing back memories for your event attendees. 

With our Event Marketing & Branding features, you’ll be able to enhance your event visibility and also maintain a continuous cycle of engagement with your target audience. The key is to customize your brand, enhance visibility, and track your sales all through our platform making for a winning singular user interface. 

  • Customer Relations Services

As part of our Account Representative Program, our customer relation services has been smartly designed to acquire, engage, and retain your customers. With our customer outreach & retention programs, you can create a continuous cycle of personal engagement.

Key features of Account Representative Program:

  • Specialized in building rapport with the client and retaining them so that monthly recurring can be managed.
  • Feedback collection from the clients so that they can be retained and their business goal can be achieved.
  • Our Customer Retention Agent also acts as a dedicated Account Manager for a particular client for long-term sustenance.
  • Our Customer Outreach & Retention accounts framework ensures that the Client Lifetime value is maintained.

Bottom line, if you are looking for flexibility and functionality, then Yapsody is the definitive event ticketing system for your revenue generation and audience retention strategies. For that inside edge in increasing your event visibility, our suite of marketing services is something that might also catch your fancy. 

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