Expert Tips For Speaking At A Conference

Expert Tips For Speaking At A Conference

Speaking at conferences is an extremely prestigious affair. What you say and how you say it would be leaving a mark on highly impressionable minds. Your speech needs to be prepared with the utmost care and diligence to make sure it meets the expectations of the audiences. If it seems like you’re simply reading out of a piece of paper, you might garner some negative reviews. A conference speaker is expected to keep his audience engaged and hooked to his speech, especially if what you’re speaking about has chances of becoming boring. If you haven’t spoken at too many conferences before, you might not be familiar with what is expected of you.

Are you an event speaker? Then you really should study the work of some of the greatest speakers in history. You’ll notice that they make it a point to involve their audiences in the speech at some point or the other, and that’s really an important aspect of attendee engagement. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re speaking at an event sometime soon.

1. Having A Social Presence

This is important. When the details of your event are released, the first thing your attendees would be doing is looking you up on social media. They want to know more about you before the event starts. Naturally, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that you have an impactful online presence. A smart and organized profile, a popular page on the top social media platforms, blogs and so on and so forth- these are a must if you’re trying to make it big as a conference speaker.

2. Keep Your Audiences Hooked

You need to show sufficient interest in your attendees if you want the event to be a success. What you say should reach out to every single person sitting out there on a deeper level, even if you don’t know them well enough. Your speech should make them feel that you know them in and out so that you can connect to them on an emotional level. It should make them go “Hey, that’s exactly how I feel! How did he know?” Keeping your audiences hooked is an important part of conference speaking.

3. Pay Attention To The Content

If the speaker at your event is speaking to promote an event of some kind, then make sure that the content has been checked and approved. It should be fun, light-hearted and cleverly written. Incorporating your event into the speech is also an important part of the speech. It should be done in such a way that it doesn’t look too obvious, yet gets the message across. The speech should start with an introduction to the speaker, and give a brief background about him.

4. Involve Your Audience

Make the audience a part of your speech. Simply going up on the podium, delivering your speech and getting it over with would not help. You should make the attendees partake in the speech. You could prepare some little activities that require audience participation. It also creates excitement amongst the audience and makes them enthusiastic. Forming associations is important. You should really make an effort to involve your audience if you haven’t done so in the past.

5. Event Promotion

If the conference speaker is speaking on behalf of an event company, then they should come up with clever ways of promoting the event without making it too obvious. It should be subtle, yet powerful enough to leave an impression. If you look at some of the best event hosts, you’ll see that they mention the event at certain points in their speech to ensure event engagements.

There you go, these are the five things that a conference speaker must do to make sure that his speech is successful, and one that wouldn’t be forgotten for years to come.

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