The Social Media Strategy for Event Promotion

The Social Media Strategy for Event Promotion

If you’re a beginner and just getting comfortable with event promotions, you might have had a lot of people giving you the same kind of advice – You have to promote your event across the social media; that is the cheapest mode of advertisement, and also the most effective. And along with this piece of wisdom, you have gazillions of blogs and articles and books telling you what social media marketing is all about. But, if you’re an event presenter (amateur or pro) it’s not an alien fact that there is never enough time to sit down and read so much.

So, here are the top 5 social media marketing tips that will ALWAYS work for you:

  1. Click-n-Tag: Taking pictures at happening events and tagging people in them will boost your brand’s popularity amongst your target audience. Go out, discover new events, and if there is a necessity, hire a professional photographer to click these pictures that you can later upload on your event page and tag people in them.
  2. Share: Every one of your posts on your blog/website should have share buttons that let your readers and visitors share these posts across all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.)
  3. Hashtags and Shoutouts: These work really well on Twitter. You can trade shoutouts with other influential brands and people, so that their followers get introduced to you, and you introduce your followers to them as well. Also, create a unique and crisp hashtag (that is easy to remember) for your event, and use it EVERYWHERE.
  4. Find Out: There are various sources from where people can find out about your event, and you have to be well aware of these “sources”. Find out the event listing websites that list out local and/or national events and also other people and groups who might be responsible for spreading the word.
  5. Partners: Your sponsors, partners, guest speakers, and team members can work wonders if you turn them into your event’s ambassadors. Ask them to blog, tweet, and post about your event online, and in return, you can even offer them incentives to do the same.

The event industry has always been a competitive one, and social media marketing is used by almost every event presenter out there. So, it isn’t predictable whether your strategy will work in exactly the way you thought it would, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. While you continue employing the basic measures for online promotion, keep experimenting with new techniques and keep a tab on what does and doesn’t work for the audience you’re targeting.

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