Tips To Help You Successfully Manage Your Events Data

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The Most Important Tips about Managing Events Data - Yapsody
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The 21st-century events are tougher than ever before. Although event registration has become much easier and planning more sophisticated, there is always the nuisance of managing the adverse group of people. Moreover, mismanagement may lead to chaos and plans may go awry if you don’t manage key information effectively.
The most important information that may be needed by your clients or the CEO include the following:

1. Event Registration Information
The clients would always want to stay knowledgeable about how many people are attending the event, how many have registered and what is the expected turnout? Keeping the events data organized is the first thing if you want to please the clients.

2. Actual, real time attendance data
The CEO won’t be much of a problem if you could provide him the real time attendance data in case of an important event. It is hard to collect event statistics in real time, but there are technologies, such as mobile confirmation and real-time synchronization that can help you immensely.

3. Email campaign success
Email campaign success is a very important aspect for any event or concert. The ratio of total target population and the conversation ratio are key facts your boss might be very interested to check out.
Good email marketing sites always provide you the click-through rate (CTR), open rate and bounce rate which can be very helpful in judging the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

4. Targeted segment
The target audience of an event and how they are targeted are important factors. Creating a Smart List, determining the size of your targeted audience is very helpful for measuring the potential success of an event.

5. Conversion rate
If you have had a 1000 knocks, how many people would open the door for you? It is a key event statistics. The actual conversion vis-a-vis the CTR and email campaign success is also a very interesting figure the client may want to check.
It is very important to keep event statistics and registration data updated all the time if you want to make a positive impression. Your client would definitely like to increase your commission if you could manage to keep the key information ready and accessible.


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