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The Lifecycle Of Event Content From Birth To Afterlife

Best Way To Create Buzz About Upcoming Event Using Twitter

A few years back if you were flaunting conference passes, your peers would be charred out of jealousy. Today, if you do the same, people can have a good laugh and will point you towards a YouTube channel that lets them witness the same conference live in HDR. Plus, they can watch it in their pajamas eating popcorn and they won’t even have to pay for the passes! How’s that for a socially distanced event?

Back in the days when men had just discovered fire (hyperbole alert), conferences were seen as the best way to obtain quality content. Now, all of that (and a lot more) is available right at your fingertips. While event availability and numerous venue options are definitely a boon, event content ceases to be exclusive nowadays. So, it’s important that you learn to channelize your event content in a far better way than your competitors.

With event content taking center stage, learn how to effectively optimize and channelize your content from its birth to the afterlife.


  1. Ensure Attendee Participation 

Involve your potential event audience in the decision-making process when you’re working out the event agenda, details of your event topics, keynotes, and after-party. Either conduct forums and let your audience choose from the beginning, or give them readymade choices and conduct polls to see which topic gets voted in by your attendees. Here’s how to use Twitter Polls For Your Event.

  1. Twit-bits Up For Grabs

Organize a contest or polls on Twitter prior to your event or concert. Give away free passes for those who use your hashtag or for those who come up with the best tweets about your event. It can be anything, but make sure your event hashtag is getting effectively promoted. This way your event content gets that much-needed social media pre-buzz.

  1. Event Content Sneak Peek

We might whine when we hear a spoiler, but do we skip the post if it says “spoiler alert”? The truth is your event attendees love a few teasers, a couple of spoilers in the form of a slip-up, maybe. Ask your speakers or artist lineup to let out a few sneak-peeks or videos related to their presentations to ruffle up the crowds and get them excited for your upcoming events.

You can also try having a one-on-one interview with your event partners or bands which can be great brand storytelling for your event blog.


  1. A Little Birdie Once Said…

…doesn’t matter what it said – if it’s a bluebird, you listen to it right away! Integrating Twitter into your event is a fantastic way to perk it up for your attendees as well as your admirers. As part of your event content campaign, create a crisp hashtag for your event and see how your potential audiences connect through a Tweetstorm. Plus, if you’re holding Twitter competitions, you’ll be amazed at the kind of typing speed your attendees will pick up for a goodie bag they’ll never use. 

While you’re at it, make sure that you’re not an Event Presenter Who Ignores These 7 Twitter Tips.

  1. Rock-N-Poll, Baby!

If they have a smartphone, they are going to be a part of bringing your event to life. Conducting live polls on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn would be a great event marketing strategy. Let them have discussions and Q&A sessions to come up with the topics that they feel should be part of the event. If they like musicals or theatrics, you can customize your polls to suit those genres accordingly. 

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  1. Because Your Event A‘Live’ is Awesome!

Going live is the best and most cost-effective marketing you can do with your event content. Event videos and live streaming are interactive options for broadcasting it for those who couldn’t make it. This way, you can ensure that the ones who couldn’t attend in person can still feel connected. And maybe the next time they’ll make it a point to be the ones who are streamed, rather than the ones who are streaming.

Here’s our Event Marketer’s 9 Step Guide To Instagram Stories that will help you ace your visual content marketing for events.


As memorable event aftermaths! Most of the conferences see two kinds of people – those who are frantically trying to jot down every point the speakers are saying and those who are the speakers. If you want your attendees to relax and enjoy the event, see if your speakers allow you to share their presentation decks with your attendees.

What did you hire that guy with the fancy camera for if you’re not going to share each one of those snaps online? Make sure all those photos, videos, discussions, slideshows – everything goes viral. The point is to create a buzz big enough so that the ones who decided to turn up relish it, and the ones who didn’t, regret it enough to show up the next time! 

Your event content is a key element in your entire event campaign. From start to finish, every bit of planning, discussion, key event highlights, and post-event catch up’s are all part of the larger content framework. Who knows, maybe you plan it so big that you make it one of those Netflix documentaries, without catching Fyre of course. 

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