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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Planning Sports Events

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Planning Sports Events

You may not run a marathon, but planning and organizing a successful sports event is nothing less than one. Whether it’s a basketball tournament or a 10K run, selling event tickets online and managing the logistics of sports events can be a true testing ground for event managers. Being in the event ticketing game for decades, we’re here with the do’s and don’ts of planning sports events to make sure you don’t lose your breath. 

The Don’ts Of Planning Sports Events

  • Don’t overlook the minute details of the health and safety of your team members, volunteers, and participants involved. 
  • Don’t invest in substandard equipment that might hamper the experience of athletes and event attendees. Think of it as an investment for future events. 
  • Don’t overshoot your budget unless you’re expecting guaranteed returns. 
  • Don’t get into lop-sided deals that will avalanche into a nightmare during the event day. Sports events can get tricky with a high volume of sponsors, food vendors, and equipment on board. Read twice before signing on the dotted line.
  • Don’t burn yourself with all the planning and organizing. Sports events can be a huge task so make sure you delegate all the tasks equally for quicker turnaround time.
  • Don’t forget to go over our event day checklist to avoid the last-minute hassles. 

The Do’s Of Planning Sports Events

  • Do plan well in advance to start creating and promoting your events. 
  • Do choose your indoor and outdoor sports venues smartly. 
  • Do create your events through our event ticketing platform for a targeted marketing approach. 
  • Do create a contingency plan for when you expect tempers to start flying all over the place. 
  • Do work with local establishments and sponsors to boost your event offerings and co-branded visibility. 
  • Do invite your local press to cover your event. 
  • Do make full use of our Virtual Box Office by creating a General Admissions style of event to maximize revenue with the open-for-all style of entry.

Now, that you have the do’s and don’ts out of the way, see how USC Rip City used Yapsody to grow their community-based basketball association

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