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‘Technologify’ Your Casino With Our Casino Assistance & Recovery Program

Technology Development Services by Yapsody

The casino industry is evolving – businesses aren’t solely relying on the core that is gaming but instead are offering a wide array of hospitality and entertainment services under one roof. Casinos and resorts are looking to provide the ultimate guest experience to increase customer loyalty – and in turn, their business to garner interest.

However, in this climate of economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, most businesses have either curtailed their offerings or come to a complete halt. Being an industry partner to the Native American Casino industry, we’ve packaged together a program called the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program to offer our existing expertise of Technology Development, Customer Relations, Marketing & Business Insights. After careful review and consideration, you’ll find that these services can create incremental value for every department whether it be player development, hotel reservations, food & beverage, or concierge services. How about taking this time to work on building technological components for your casino, optimizing your existing processes, growing your profitability when you’re ready to open and save costs significantly while on the road to recovery?

What Kind Of Technology Can You Build For A Casino?

Ever think to yourself, “If only I had an app that does X, it would be so much easier, faster, and cheaper to achieve Y?

Surely a couple of ideas have crossed your mind by now. For instance, if you’re presenting a live entertainment show at your casino and would like to check real-time ticket sales numbers without having to go through any records, wouldn’t that be convenient? Well, we’ve built an app for that – YapStats. 

But how about an app personalized and tailored to your casino’s offerings – something to streamline your resort bookings, food & beverage services, or even concierge? 

As part of our Casino Assistance & Recovery Program, we’re offering technology development as a service to all Native American Casinos. We decided to roll out this service after bringing significant value to our existing clients by providing them tailor-made tech solutions.

If you’re a casino manager looking for technology development services, take a look at our offerings. 

Database Management

We safe-keep your mission-critical applications and drive high-performance operations through our full-service database management to scale efficiency in collecting, managing, analyzing and processing the data while ensuring high security, availability and performance. 

The key highlights of this service include:

  1. Consultation Regarding Database Management
  2. Data Lake Solutions
  3. Database Normalization
  4. Performance Analysis
  5. Data Cleansing
  6. Database Optimization

Mobile App Development

Yapsody can build custom iOS, Android, and React Native mobile app solutions specially designed for your casino. Whether you require a customer-facing solution or an app for your internal team, we can build it all. Give us your problem statement and we’ll help you ideate for the perfect app solution for your casino. 

We’ve built apps for our casino clients that enabled them to offer instant booking and e-ticket generation services to their customers, to provide loyalty & gift card support solutions, and to simplify Meet & Greets at live events. 

Web Application Development

Yapsody’s tech experts can create highly complex, yet simple to use single-page and progressive web applications, among others, to manage your casino business better. Like in the case of mobile apps, we can build customer and/or business-facing web apps based on your problem statement. Additionally, you can trust us with maintaining your website to keep the platform up-to-date and error-free. Our support and optimization services will facilitate in acquiring the conversions you’re looking to get from your website. 


With over two decades of experience in the casino industry, we’ve gathered rich and reliable data – enough to be able to make highly sound decisions, identify the right technology and provide expert advice on solutions for your casino business. As a practice, we continuously update our solutions and keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and standards in the industry.

Take this time to ramp up the technological components of your casino. Whatever strategic vision you may have for your casino in the COVID-19 era, you can consider Yapsody a dedicated partner-for-success.  Our greatest pleasure would be to do our part in ensuring that your property’s reopening is grand in every way possible. 

For this reason, we’ve introduced the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program, a program consisting of technology development, customer relations, marketing, and business analysis services. The program was introduced to ensure that your property’s reopening is grand in every way possible. The program is FREE for Yapsody clients and comes at a nominal rate for all other Native American Casinos. Learn more about our technology services.

Schedule a discussion with us to discuss your brand’s strategic vision and explore the potential benefits of our technology services.

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