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Taste Tests: A Must-Try Food & Drinks Event Idea

Taste Tests: A New Food & Drink Event Idea You Must Try

Everyone loves gastronomy tours from BBQ Buffets to Wine Tasting to Masterchefs. While you may have organized hundreds of food and drinks events, your attendees may find it monotonous after a certain point. 

An innovative food and drinks event idea – “Taste Test” that will bring all the foodies and connoisseurs under one roof for an experience of exciting culinary delights.

What is a Taste Test?

A Taste Test is a one-of-a-kind event, where attendees can taste a little bit of every dish, guess the ingredients, food origins, and give overall feedback or ratings as the Masterchefs do in reality shows. For a day, your attendees can embody Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson and imitate them as they taste multiple dishes. 

Promoting your restaurant and hotel business with the most delectable dishes through a Taste Test will surely amplify your event engagement.

Why Organize a Taste Test?

Foodies and event attendees are always on the lookout for unique experiences and gatherings. With a food taste test event, your attendees get to taste a little of everything and with the right event marketing services, you can gather an entire town at your venue. 

Pro-Tip: Along with food festivals, you can have an extended set of upcoming events through a wine tasting tour or a craft beer taste test and keep the party going.

How To Organize a Taste Test

If you’re planning to host this unique event, here’s what you need to do.

1. Allocate Budget & Estimates 

We’d rather call this an investment because with a Taste Test you can attract all the food lovers to your hotel and make them your favorite guests. While visualizing your event, create a fool-proof budget by keeping contingencies in mind. 

Prioritize your requirements and estimate your total budget to cover the cost of decor, infrastructure, the cost of food preparation, and marketing campaigns if you’re going for paid promotions.

2. Finalize Your Taste Test Venue

If your hotel space is big enough, you can host one there. Depending on your budget, book an open space or keep it indoors. Learn more about Whether You Should Opt For General Admission or Reserved Seating.

3. Finalize The Event Date

Pick and finalize an event date that doesn’t coincide with any other major festival or an important holiday so that you can maximize the number of people who can show up for your Taste Test. 

4. Choose The Best Food Caterers

Food carters or dining partners are like your performing artists, choose them carefully. Out of 100 odd dishes you have on the menu, select the bestsellers and signature dishes that would entice your guests and indulge them with every bite.

5. Pick Out The Liquor 

You probably have a stock of the old wines and crafted beers that can complement your taste test event. Ask your guests which drinks, cocktails, mocktails, or liquor they’d prefer by using our Surveys & Questionnaires feature prior to the event. 

6. Arrange A Live Music Act 

Make your event the talk of the town by booking a popular live music act or a local town favorite to perform at your event. Music & food go hand in hand together and will uplift the whole vibe of your event. 

Learn how you can Elevate Your Guest Experiences Further In Your Hotel. 

7. Choose Yapsody 

It’s as simple as that. Sign up with Yapsody and streamline your entire event management process through our feature clusters such as: 

While you turn your attendees into reality show judges for a day, make sure you treat them like celebrity chefs from the start till the end. Won’t you love to see them back at your hotel? Make sure to check out our Ticket Pricing and Retention Strategies that will help you upscale your event management. 

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