Suite Of Services To Enhance Your Hospitality Services In The COVID Era

Suite Of Services To Enhance Your Hospitality Services In The COVID Era

The COVID era can be summarized as one of the most unpredictable phases for the entire hospitality and entertainment industry. With travel and tourism taking a hit all over, it was a chain reaction that hit the event industry as well. Through our Assistance & Recovery Program,  we decided to open up our existing suite of services for key entities that would help them streamline their existing operations and rejig their new ones. 

Check Out Our Suite of Services That’ll Streamline Your Hospitality Services In The COVID Era

1. Marketing Suite of Services

Social media and online engagement were currently witnessing an all-time high during the pandemic lockdowns. It goes without saying, many hospitality entities were looking to ramp up their lines of marketing communications without affecting their existing processes.

Enter Yapsody and it’s marketing suite of services! Our marketing services include Digital Marketing, Offline Marketing, Branding, Conversion Optimization, and Audience Engagement which has been instrumental for many event entities and brands in taking the right step towards elevating their brand value. Social media and online engagement being on an all-time high during the peak pandemic phase, we created organic and paid marketing plans for our clients who wanted to adapt to this radically evolving landscape of the “New Normal”

2. Customer Care Services

Customer Care is one of the pillars of a hospitality business whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, casino, resort, club, cafe, or theater. Think of a pre-COVID situation where customer services were the norm for any sort of reservation, transactional, or technical queries popping up in your patron’s mind. 

In a COVID situation, customer relation services are of utmost importance to acquire, engage, and retain customers. The hospitality industry caters to an audience that is expecting an experience out of the ordinary if not just standard. Our customer care services cover multiple touchpoints in your customer journey through White-Labeled Services, 24-Hour Multi-Channel Support, Issue Tracking & Escalation, Retention Programs, and Client Effectiveness Reports. 

Learn more about enhancing your hospitality services in our Event Organizers Guide To Master Communication In The COVID Era.

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