Streamlining Your Exclusivity With Invite-Only Events

Streamlining Your Exclusivity With Invite-Only Events

Exclusive invite-only events represent a certain degree of class, sophistication, and luxury for your event attendees who prefer privacy over anything else

From conferences, award expos, networking dinners, movie screening, or a VIP night at your casino, organizing an exclusive event is the definitive way to go. Our event management feature cluster makes creating and managing your exclusive events a breeze with a host of granular functionalities. 

If you’re thinking of organizing one soon, our Invite-Only Codes and Reserved Seating features will help you create the desired effect of exclusivity and privacy that is much needed by attendees all over.

Here’s How You Can Streamline Your Exclusivity With Invite-Only Events: 

Focus On A Niche Audience

If you’re a venue owner or an independent event organizer, the number one rule is to shortlist the type of audience you want for a particular event. Private movie screenings might be the choice of exclusive events for younger couples whereas a conference or networking event might be suitable for seasoned industry professionals.

Focusing on a niche will help you choose your target audience and pave the way for a streamlined event management process. A gradual progression of segmenting your audiences will help you Create Precise Marketing Personas that will help your event marketing further. 

Decide On An Ideal Number 

Once you’ve decided the type of audience you want to attend your exclusive invite-only event, the next step is to decide on an ideal number. After all, the major exclusivity factor is to limit your venue capacity for more privacy. Depending on the type of event venue, you can shortlist an ideal number of event attendees to follow your social distancing and COVID protocols. 

Learn more about Ensuring Regular Safety Protocols At Your Events

Outdoor events are on the rise owing to the fact that they’re safer with more room to spread out. That’s true for gatherings where you’re expecting only a dedicated number of attendees. Creating a Socially Distanced Event Seating Layout will help you constrict your guest list to the desired minimum with our Social Distancing Holds feature.

Hold Notes

Read more about Our Social Distancing Feature for Event Safety

Creating an invitation list or a guest list would be your next step after which you can start reaching out to the target audience in a pinpointed manner.

Make It Invite-Only 

You have all the necessary details and audience segmentation for all those who can be part of your event. It’s time to start creating your Invite Only events and selectively apply custom codes to specific ticket types, general admission sections, or specific seats for your event.

You can also be flexible by creating custom “Multi-Use” and “Single-Use” invite-only access codes for restricting your online ticket sales to a selected few. Apart from creating an Invite-Only, make sure your event dining requirements are met with thorough satisfaction from your guests. Here Are 5 Tips To Consider While Choosing An Event Catering Service. 

Reach Out To Past Attendees

Your guest list needs to be a balance of pre-selected invitees and past attendees. You may have a new batch of invitees who have no idea about your brand of events, whereas your past batch of attendees know what you offer – the best of the best. 

Using our Mailchimp integration, you can send event invites with the invite-only codes to give them first access as a mark of their loyalty towards you. As brand advocates, they can spread the word amongst their niche networks.

Keep Enquiries Open

As part of your event marketing campaign, it’s crucial to spread the word. An invite-only event draws audiences that are willing to pay a premium for a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn more about streamlining your ticket pricing and retention strategies for boosting your revenue generation. 

While promoting your events on emails, social media, blogs, or press releases, keep your event inquiries open in case a few sponsors or influencers wish to be a part of your exclusive event.  

By revealing only the brief details of your events, you’re letting event attendees come to you. This will help you keep the freeloaders away and grant access to only those who are really interested. 

There you have it, folks. An easy guide to streamlining your exclusivity with Invite-Only events. Attaining privacy at your events without missing out on a chunk of revenue and audience engagement is possible with our event ticketing platform. 

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