Step Up Your Event Marketing Strategy in 2020

Step Up Your Event Marketing Strategy in 2020

2020 – a catchy, well-rounded number that must’ve given event marketers a few eureka moments already to leverage it into their event marketing strategy. As we plunge into the New Year 2020, it’s time to learn from the past and move into the future with new insights. Do check out the Round-Up of Our Most-Preferred Features in 2019 that will give you an idea of how event presenters have been leveraging Yapsody for event marketing. 

Without further ado, here’s our 10 step guide to step up your event marketing strategy in 2020:

1. Seek Out New Venues

Although you can’t bid farewell to traditional venues, seek out new venues that cut out the boring factor of the same old conference rooms and auditoriums. Seek out non-traditional spaces such as gardens, warehouses, rooftops, museums, art galleries, and co-working spaces. Anything that gives your attendees more time to network with each other and elevate the bonding experience. This doesn’t mean that you cross off the regular venues on your list. You just need to drape it better in terms of styling and decor. You could pick up a few pointers from our piece on Designing The Ultimate Event Experience

2. Partnered Events 

Partnering with local businesses or sponsors that tie in with your event is a marketing match made in heaven. Maybe your music festival could amplify it’s brand awareness and impact by partnering up with that world-renowned brewery. Your event marketing campaigns gain more speed and weight when marketed through your sponsor’s channels. Maybe partner up with an event ticketing platform like Yapsody as well? Just saying… 😎

3. Event Website Persona  

Your event attendees should get an instant feel and grasp of what your event will turn out to be. Don’t leave anything to their imagination except for a teaser that makes them grab your early bird tickets ASAP. This is where your event website persona plays a trump card in selling out the first phase of event tickets. 

With our Online Ticket Store, event marketers can brand and customize every element present of their ticket store. Apart from getting a personal subdomain, you get the option to customize your event ticket as well. Brand it with your logo and tease the upcoming events on the ticket itself to create a strong brand recall.  

4. Map Your Attendee Journey

Once you understand attendee personas, you need to map out their journey on your website and social media channels. There are multiple touchpoints for you to leverage – your event website, emailers, registration process, event check-in process, event perks and so on. What makes them click is the answer to win their hearts. Many of your events were mind-blowing but few fizzled out. You need to dig deep into insights and reports to check why that happened. With our Insightful Reporting, peak into your Event Sales report and Consolidated Inventory reports to plan better next time. 

5. Create Content Buckets 

Pillar your content based on different venues and types of attendees. Attendees for a seminar or conference might prefer podcasts and interviews from the keynote speaker. Similarly, for clubs and casino attendees, make them guess your next headliner act by putting up music playlists. Even if they don’t guess it right, you’ll understand which other artists they’d want to see live. We’d suggest you keep it topical and use hashtags to show up in trending searches. 

6. Event Marketing Frequency

Now that you’ve figured out your content, you need to actually schedule them in a manner that would garner maximum reach and shareability. Are your event attendees most likely to DM your Instagram post to their friends on a weekend or a weekday? Your event marketing frequency should match your audience’s browsing patterns. Stop posting randomly to avoid random results. You might want to look at our Event Marketing Services that have strategically increased revenue for many entertainment enterprises.

7. Live Streaming 

Your event attendees booked early bird tickets but unfortunately got stuck in a meeting on the D-Day. With live streaming, you’re giving them an opportunity to be a part of your event experience through different platforms. Instagram is a favorite among event marketers due to its innovative features and popularity. Divide your live streaming into pre-event, event, and post-event to keep them hooked. You can also save the stream on your camera roll which can be used in an after movie as well. 

8. Utilize the Power of Video

2019 was dominated by video content and shows no signs of stopping. Blogs and emailers are great for the initial pre-buzz marketing. Content in a video format seals that deal for many event presenters. A 30-second teaser is great for grabbing eyeballs and generating leads across multiple social media platforms. A video montage of your past events, if done well, refreshes memories of your attendees and works as a magnet for new audiences. Invest in a production crew that understands your vision.  

9. Turn Event Attendees Into Event Marketers 

Just how you’d turn your event partners into marketers, turn your event attendees into live event marketers. Maybe a contest or a giveaway to up the ante and create a competitive aura works well. Hook them with a catchy hashtag, design a great event, and let their Instagram stories do the marketing. User-generated content is organic traffic that is a true test for your event success. Your brand’s notification page blowing up with tagged pictures will be a worthy reward for any event presenter. 

10. Use Feedback and Survey Data 

After everything is done and dusted, you still need to gather post-event data. Give your audiences a tool to voice their opinions. Some might rant out their frustration of being held up at the queue for too long while some might give you a genuine piece of feedback that will change the game for you. Watch out for that tidbit that will elevate your attendee experience for future events. Maybe after a week or so, ask your attendees all the right questions through our Questionnaires and Surveys feature that will help you create easy to answer logic-based questionnaires. 

We hope this 10-step guide helps you step up your event marketing strategy in 2020. If you’re a new event organizer on the block, Sign Up with Yapsody to create, promote, and sell event tickets online. 

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