Staying Ahead In The New Normal Through Event Branding

Staying Ahead In The New Normal Through Event Branding

With the “New Normal” settling in progressively, the event industry is evolving and so must your event branding strategy if you believe in “survival of the fittest”.  From taking the virtual route for hosting events, conducting live streams, understanding attendee expectations, and improving business strategies, the industry has gone through a wave pool of developments that we’ve covered in a detailed analysis through our YapStudy.

The New Normal comes with a new set of rules that will change progressively. You need to keep with the industry norms to evolve and enhance your brand’s event marketing. Here are a few key takeaways from our study which will enhance your event branding and improve lead generation. 

1. Ramp Up Your Communication

The hospitality & entertainment industry was amongst those who swiftly adapted to the new normal by ramping up their lines of communication thereby improving their customer relations. Social listening is an absolutely important technique that will run parallelly to your business offerings. The need of the hour is modifying your brand offering in a way that sits well with your audience or at least meets their expectations halfway through. 

2. Analyze Before Acting 

Data collection and analysis for the way forward and molding your marketing strategies will be of paramount importance in the upcoming months. Your style of communication will define the audience you fetch and retain in the new normal. Restaurants can do a survey and publish them in their marketing campaigns while announcing a new feature that the audience was looking forward to. 

“We Heard You” is a social media statement that will truly hold value when you’ve successfully fulfilled your audience’s expectations. With more data by your side, you can then learn more about enhancing your event operations and logistics

3. Brand Your Safety Equipment

One of the biggest trends to be expected from are the branded safety equipment that will be given out to event attendees in the form of PPE kits, masks, co-branded sanitizers, and so on. This way, brand retention & recall can become really intuitive & easy. How? 

Incorporate their brands on face masks and distribute them as promotional materials. Imagine every human can be a potential brand ambassador if planned well. Intuitive engagement and retention campaigns that maintain a connection with your audience during this period of separation will bridge the communication gap as well. 

4. Be Innovative 

Being an innovative player in the market will definitely open up new streams of revenue in the hospitality industry. With innovative event ideas like drive-in concerts, virtual events already leading the way, it’s only a matter of time before someone increases their footfalls with an innovative idea that strikes gold. Are you the one? 

We hope these tips guide you through the remainder of 2020  in a seamless and progressive manner to bring your brand’s innovative and creative event marketing tactics. For a more detailed approach for the way forward in 2020, we highly recommended our YapStudy — Way Forward For The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry.

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