Startup Ideas For The Event Industry

Startup Ideas For The Event Industry

They say this era belongs to the entrepreneurs. There are so many small businesses springing up, and those who make it big are the ones who answer the big needs of the masses.The event industry, too, has been facing a few problems over the years, but they haven’t been acknowledged or acted upon by the ones in the industry. Every summit, conference, seminar witnesses the same old problems, same old solutions, and same old developments, while many issues are left unaddressed. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and wish to do something for the event industry, here are five issues you could solve with a startup:


Having attendees vote for their favorite speakers isn’t an entirely new trend, and has been adopted by many event organizers on existing platforms. But, a dedicated platform to crowdsource speakers remains absent (to the best of my knowledge, that is). Event organizers would love a platform where the registered attendees could vote for their favorite speakers.


Many event planners have used Facebook apps for involving attendees while planning events, but they have usually been informal ones. The existence of a system where event planners could use a range of tools for involving attendees in planning their event would solve many hassles. With Facebook polls and the debuting Twitter polls, asking for yes or no opinions is easy, but voting, venue hunting, setting the event ticket price, project management, and sponsor sourcing could all be pooled together on one single platform dedicated to collaborative planning.


Being an event presenter, you might be well aware of what it means when a VIP checks in or registers for your event. Having an influential person attending your event could alter your registration process, and also send out a message to your social media management team to get in touch with them online. Probably depending upon their social/online presence and followers, one could single out VIPs from the list of attendees.


Yes, the internet is flooded with tools to monitor Facebook and Twitter. And that’s the problem. Event presenters are not selling products, they’re offering services. They want to know if they’ve created an impact, and provided a good experience to their attendees – ALL IN ONE PLACE. Social media tools that can be used by event managers to improve the experience they’re offering would be different from the usual marketing tools, and this needs to be addressed.

Lastly, there is a possibility I might have missed out on other real problems that can be solved by young entrepreneurial minds. On the other hand, the issues I’ve mentioned above may have already been addressed by applications, systems, or tools that I’m not aware of. In either case, please drop in a comment to enlighten me (and others like me), because you may just be saving a presenter from a lot of hassles.

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