Having Special Guests Over? Hold Their Tickets!

Having Special Guests Over? Hold Their Tickets!

How many times have you organized an event to have your friends and family come over to you and ask you, in an ever-so-coy manner, to reserve a few seats for them? For any presenter, old or young, this has been an experience they’ve definitely come across in their careers. And we, being the end-to-end providers of all event-related services, have taken it up as our responsibility to make sure all our presenters’ needs are met, no matter how out of the ordinary they may seem.

This is why we’ve introduced the GA Hold Feature, where presenters can hold tickets for their families, friends, or special guests for an event. If yours is a Reserved Seating event, you can select particular seats that you wish to reserve for yourself. For General Admission events, you just have to declare the number of tickets you want to hold and that’ll be all.

By putting tickets on hold, we mean to say that these tickets will be unavailable to your customers and they won’t be able to purchase them from the online event ticketing system. This guarantees that your friends, family, or special guests don’t miss out on the event you’ve been working so hard to put together. Sounds amazing? Try it for your next event!

Also, if you have any further queries regarding this feature (or anything else, for that matter), we have 24/7 support services to guide you.

Happy Ticketing!

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