The 6 Ultimate Social Media Channels for Event Marketing

The 6 Ultimate Social Media Channels for Event Marketing

When getting ready for marketing your next big event, the first step you need to take is picking the right network for the job. This can be an overwhelming task with the sheer number of social media channels in the market today. Often, companies get lost in the higher level tasks of choosing the right event venue or the process of selling maximum tickets. However, it’s commonly seen that an average presence across all networks does not translate into high ticket sales.

Understanding what type of communication works best for the audience you are looking to target is essential. Once you have selected your target audience and your method of communication, then pick from these choice options ideal for event marketing.

1. Facebook

With a minimum of 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook has retained its position as the social media channel with the widest reach. The network allows you to reach the most varied of audience in terms of geo, gender, as well as age. Today, everyone from your newly born to your 96 year-old grandma is on Facebook. Even the house cat has an account. This is the channel for you if you are looking to reach out to the maximum audience to sell tickets online.

2. Instagram

Instagram has a slightly different approach to advertising and appeals to those with a high sense of visual aspect in their event. It’s popular with the millennial generation, especially women. Ideal for art festivals, dance performances, F&B events and the likes, Instagram is poised as the perfect social media channel to promote your exquisite pictures and videos.

3. Twitter

If you are looking to reach the wittier section of the millennial generation, Twitter is the network for you. It’s a fast-moving platform said to reach its post peak within 18 minutes. It’s best to have a new witty remark ready to keep relevant.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is considered the trendsetter among social media channels. It offers you a unique mix of a younger crowd slewing towards the fairer sex.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn works great for more serious marketing. It targets professionals when they are in the mindset to make complex decisions. LinkedIn is especially useful in the Education industry, as targeting can be highly specific, and reach out to the exact audience for a particular program.

6. Pinterest

This is the only network that reports higher usage in rural areas as compared to the metropolitan mainstream. It is widely used to promote DIY workshops, craft fairs, and cooking-related events.

Choose Wisely

Remember, while marketing on these platforms, you not only need to keep the target audience in mind but also how you present your content to them. For example, while long textual marketing techniques may work on Facebook, visuals are the way to go on Instagram.

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