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Smart Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Smart Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Even though social media is presiding over the entire marketing landscape, email marketing remains just as effective as a marketing tool for event presenters. And if you don’t agree with this statement, it’s probably because your email marketing strategy is missing out on something. Here are a few smart tips to create an effective email marketing strategy:

Segment Your Audience

Marketing 101 – Everybody is different. It’s easy to find people with similar preferences, but never exactly the same. So, sending the same email to everyone is definitely not going to work. Segment your potential audience depending on their interests and then send customized newsletters.

Personalize Your Templates 

With smart email inboxes that filter out spam getting through can be a task. Your mails fall prey to Select All -> Move to Trash. If you don’t want your emailers to end up in spam, personalize your emails. Include names of people who the newsletter is addressed to instead of shooting mass emails to your entire database. Unless your emails are engaging on a personal level, it will be ignored.


You’ve segmented your target audience perfectly, you’ve crafted personalized emails with amazing content. Now what? Now, you unleash the power of the Call-To-Action (CTA). You’ve led them on a path and now must give them a clear direction to their destination. If your emails have a CTA that redirects your readers to the registration page or a survey, they are will respond because they’re already in the flow. Make sure you use active verbs like “Register Now!” or “Take the Survey!” on your CTA buttons to create impact.

Mobile Optimization

80% of your target audience is going to view your email on a mobile device: either a smartphone or a tablet. If your email template is not optimized for mobile devices, your chances of getting a response from your email viewers will narrow down to an extremely thin line. So, ensure that your email gets displayed flawlessly on all kinds of digital platforms by adopting a responsive design.

Automate Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns don’t display instant results, so make sure you have a backup of automated emails that ensures constant engagement with your audience. Birthdays, follow-ups, blog updates – they could be anything. Make sure your entire email marketing campaign revolves around your automated schedule so that nothing goes south. Create relevant content, sit back and relax while all your emails get delivered during hours that are most responsive.

So, you see, the efficiency of email marketing hasn’t been compromised due to newer strategies. It still remains just as effective, only a few simple measures that make it all work out in your favor.

If you’re a presenter or an event marketer looking to automate your email marketing strategy, Yapsody’s ticketing platform offers MailChimp Integration to simplify your efforts through email marketing examples.

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