Six Tools To Fix Your Event Marketing

Six Tools To Fix Your Event Marketing

If, after reading that title, you’re wondering when I’ll stop making stupid stuff rhyme to get a catchy title (and failing, miserably), the answer is – really? That’s what you’re concerned about – my rhymes? How’s it going with the event marketing, by the way?

Research shows (I wonder who does these) that the most commonly used event promotion channels are email marketing, word of mouth, event website, and registered mail invites (as if you need a research to tell you that). And there are six tools that can be used to carry out the promotion using these channels more effectively.


Consider your website to be a year-round marketing tool that can be used as the central point for all your marketing activities. Here’s how you can use it to your maximum advantage:

  • Put up pictures of your previous events to get your potential attendees an idea of what your events are all about.
  • Upload videos of guest speakers along with their presentation slides.
  • Start promoting your upcoming events well before their scheduled dates so that you have enough time to spread the word and create a buzz.


Never forget the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) theory. Because, whatever efforts you put in will definitely reflect in the results you obtain.

When it comes to e-Marketing, you have to keep experimenting. Vary your content, your mail timings, subject lines etc. You have to constantly be aware of what your target audience needs, and deliver them that.

And as you experiment, keep collecting data and analyze it. Next, you put it to use and strategize according to your analysis. Your deductions aren’t supposed to be filed and buried in a marketing report.


My personal favorite, this one.

Blogs and articles are like oxygen for your marketing campaign – breathe them. Everything important and relevant to your event should be put up as a blog. This encourages people to be involved with you consistently, and also helps you build your brand’s image.

Also, keep in mind the 10:1 principle which states that for every 10 pieces of content that you put up, only 1 leads to effective promotion. Keep experimenting with your content, too, but event updates should never be off the table.


Webinars going hand-in-hand with today’s generation would be an understatement; they practically hug each other as they walk. What could be better than getting all relevant information delivered to you live while you’re enjoying the comforts of your house?

Conduct webinars that either build up to your upcoming event or are based on previous themes or topics. You can even conduct interviews with your past speakers who have served as great influences to promote your event.


Facebook is definitely used by everyone, but that need not imply that your target audience will also be just as active there. Try to find networks where your potential attendees are most likely to be found online, and share all content relevant to your event there. Also, when you’ve teamed up with speakers and sponsors, develop your relationships with them in arenas where their fans are also present.


When you have good speakers on your list, ask for their assistance in building content pertaining to your theme to put up on social media, your website, and blogs. You could also interview them and share their videos on your networks. The key is to use them as marketing assets, but treat them as your team members.

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