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Should you Opt for General Admission or Reserved Seating?

Should you opt for General or Reserved Seating

Are you planning to host an event soon, but unsure about your event seating plan? Asking yourself a few questions will help you decide. Let’s say you’re planning a Christmas brunch at your hotel venue. Since it’s an indoor event, what type of seating plan do you think will be best? And how many people are you expecting? 

To help you navigate the event planning know-how, here’s everything you need to know about general and reserved seating.

General Admission

What is General Admission?
Let your attendees enter the venue like a king! General admission is a ticket type that ensures entry to the venue without any questions asked. It’s a ticket type commonly used by event presenters for most events where reserving a seat isn’t necessary. General admission tickets usually aren’t very expensive and are easily available on the Online Ticket Store. If you want to sell them faster, bundle them up with food and drinks at your venue.

What Kinds of Events are General Admission Suited For?
Every event doesn’t need you to reserve your seats. Casual events like fairs and festivals or guided tours will not need you to reserve your seats in advance. When you’re deciding between reserved seating and general admission, consider the type of audience you’re expecting. Is it a group of Millennials or a group of retired veterans? Depending on the type of event you’re organizing, you can decide to go for the seating arrangement that will best suit your event. 

For example, in a live concert, it makes sense to go for general admission as attendees prefer to stand while watching their favorite artists perform. 

Do check these 5 Types of Events Best Suited For General Admission.

What We Offer
At Yapsody, we offer you general admission at no extra cost. Be it a local Oktoberfest or a guided tour, your attendees can easily buy these tickets from your online ticket store and move around the venues as they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Reserved Seating

What is Reserved Seating?
Reserved seating, on the other hand, is just the opposite. It’s a ticket type where your attendees can choose their seats well in advance. When you opt for reserved seating, your attendees don’t have to rush to reserve their preferred seats. They can arrive at the venue stress-free. The best part is reserved seating allows them to select the VIP seats at a higher price.

What Kinds of Events is Reserved Seating Suited For?
Are you hosting a formal event or a casual one? If your event is a seating event, allow your attendees to sit back and enjoy the performance with reserved seating. Do consider the age of your attendees when choosing your seating arrangement or you can end up ruining their experience. For example, if you’re organizing a Christmas family fun night. By selecting reserved seating, you give an option to the entire family, especially the senior citizens and kids to have a great time at the event rather than hunting for seats as the door opens. 

Whether it’s an international film festival or a theatrical drama, you can offer multiple ticket types and let your attendees enjoy the performance from their choice of seat. Do check out these 5 Types Of Events That Deserve Reserved Seating.

What We Offer
Just like general admission, reserved seating is also a feature, you don’t have to pay for. You simply pay us for the tickets sold at the end of the month. At Yapsody, you can recreate your venue with our interactive seating plan creator. Not just that, your attendees can choose their seats from the seating plan and buy the event tickets instantly. We provide a specific seating plan for different events. For example, If it’s a concert, you can display aisles on the map for clear seat distinction. For hotel events or casinos, you can set out tables using the reserved seating map.

With our Social Distancing Holds you can automatically hold and reserve nearby seats when your ticket buyers make a purchase, thereby implementing social distancing.

To bring this into effect, enable social distancing holds for reserved seating sections from the holds tab of each performance. These event seats held for social distancing will be held under the code “SD” in holds.

You can also upload an interactive seating chart for your reserved seating events. This will help you map specific sections with the uploaded seating chart and dedicate seats, sections, and rows in accordance with social distancing protocols. You can also add personalized Hold Notes specific to your audience such as – VIP, Special Needs, Disabled, Children, etc.

Now that you have a clear definition of both the seating types, it’ll be easier to segregate your events and offer your attendees a great experience. At Yapsody, you can opt for either of the seating arrangements and leverage the best out of our Inventory Management.  

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