Selling your tickets through Facebook

Selling your tickets through Facebook

Be honest now, you just got off Facebook, didn’t you? There is nothing to be ashamed about. We are all hooked to different social media platforms, in some way or the other. And smartphones have nurtured our obsessions. Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram are just a click away. Plus, the handy apps make them easier to use. Today, you don’t even have to open your laptops to go online. One click, and the job’s done.

With Facebook literally connecting us all, event management and ticketing has become rather simpler. Facebook helps you reach out to more and more potential customers and thus, that automatically increases your ticket sales. Let’s see how you can optimize your effects:

  • Make sure you create an event page on Facebook. An event page would contain relevant details about the event, like the date and the venue. That way, people can check out your event and let you know if they are interested or not. Also, interested goers can share the event link with their friends. This helps publicize your event. As your event picks, so do your ticket sales.
  • Track your users. Let’s say someone lists your event as interested. Your next step would be to lure him or her in. Now that you know their interests, you could keep reminding him or her about the event and even resort to multi-channel marketing. Increasing the frequency of reminders will surely catch the attention of the event goer, and he or she might just buy the ticket!
  • Improve your search options. If an interested customer has heard about your event but is unable to locate the event page on Facebook, you lose out on event attendees. Your events shouldn’t be hard to find. The marketing campaign should be so extensive that entering a few keywords should be enough to pinpoint your events. We recommend the use of hashtags too. These are useful if you are searching for something that is already trending.
  • Event attendees want something that immediately piques their interest and makes them want to take a step. Your Facebook events should be attractive and appealing enough. Use images. Use catchy and fun headlines. Go for interesting captions. Do whatever it takes to draw the customers to your event page and to your event ticket selling websites. Marketing is a game; it’s all about how you lure in the maximum number of customers.

Facebook, today, is one of the largest platforms for event promotions, paid and otherwise. So come on, join the wagon!

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