Sell Tickets to your Sports Event in 5 Minutes

Sell Tickets to your Sports Event in 5 Minutes

You may not run a marathon, but planning, organizing and hosting a sports event is nothing less than a one. Whether it’s a Basketball tournament or a 10K run, selling tickets online can be a tedious task. In this blog, we focus on how you can sell your tickets to your sports event in 5 minutes. Don’t believe it? Here’s how you do it.


Be it a Football tournament or a local baseball match you’re hosting, planning is the only way for you to make your sports event successful. Create an event checklist with tasks like budget, date, venue, the sport you want to host. Coordinate with the participants well in advance about the dates and their availability. Arrange the supplies for the event like medals, trophies and refreshments for the team players. Depending on the budget and the number of attendees you expect at the event, set up a realistic ticket price. All you need to do next is to finalize your event ticketing partner.

Opt for the Right Online Ticketing System

When you organize a sports event, we understand there’s a multitude of activities to handle. Selecting the right event ticketing system that’ll save you time makes a lot of sense. Our ticketing system will not only save you time but help in multiple ways to save money. In fact, you can sell tickets online for free with our “Pass on Fee” feature. Create your next marathon event in German, Spanish or French or 15 prominent languages. Apart from multiple languages, we also support 170+ currencies. Receive the payments directly in your bank account through our multiple payment gateways.

The Virtual Box Office

Create your event easily with our virtual box office. Set up your payment gateway, your preferred language and your currency. This feature gives you single-click access to the event wizard, real-time sales analytics and reporting, inventory management and a lot more. It can be a very handy tool if you’re planning a series of events or a sports week with multiple events planned for each day. Creating each event from scratch can be time-consuming. Using the virtual box office, you can copy your existing event and simply make changes to it.

Create your Online Ticket Store

Once you sign up with Yapsody, you get access to our “Virtual Box Office”. Using the box office you can create your online ticket store with your own subdomain. Personalize your store your way with your brand designs, creative images and brand logo. Make sure to add external links to your social media pages. Add a proper description of your event with timings and the exact location of the event.

Select the Seating Arrangement

Are you planning a marathon or a stadium event? Depending on the type of event, you can select either the reserved seating option or the general admission for your attendees. If it’s a reserved seating event, you can let your attendees book their tickets well in advance. From VIP tickets to a standard day pass, you can create unlimited categories of tickets with our event ticketing system.

Use Offers

Roll out irresistible offers to sell event tickets quickly. Early bird offers, group discounts and buy one and get one free are some of the offers you can roll out to your attendees through social media. While they enjoy your offers, you can enjoy our steal deals and get a flat 40% off on your ticketing fees. Check out our offers page to see all the offers.

Set up the Ticket Price

After planning the budget, venue and the size of attendees, you probably have an estimate of how much you can spend. Add an extra margin to cover the contingency and set up your ticket price. Consider the expenses while setting up the ticket price. You can also add the ticketing fee to the cost of the tickets which is a minimum amount and make event ticketing free. Read our blog on how to price your event in 3 simple steps to understand pricing techniques.

Ticket Customization

Whether it’s a baseball event or a badminton tournament, customize your tickets according to the sport. Let’s say, you’re organizing a basketball tournament for your city. Incorporate team logos on your ticket. You can use an image of popular basketball players aiming the loop with the ball. Personalize them with the attendees’ names.

Promote your Event

Sports events can get an amazing response when they are promoted well in advance. Get all the fitness freaks to your marathon event by directly promoting your event through our virtual box office. You can either share it on your social media profiles or ask us to post it on our social media profiles, which you can share. You can also use our premium event listing feature to post your sports events on our site for free. Sell your tickets faster by getting featured on our blogs. We give them a “Buy Tickets” link that directs them to your online store so they can instantly book the tickets for the sports arena.

Sell Tickets Online

With the advancement in the events industry, there are still event presenters who stick to traditional methods of selling tickets. Manually booking tickets for a boxing championship or a local rugby tournament can take up a lot of time. It can also lead to fake tickets and duplicate entries. If you’re an event presenter still following the old methods, start your journey with Yapsody and see the difference in your sales numbers. Set up your account with Yapsody and sell your event in just 5 minutes.

Apart from selling tickets online, Yapsody also offers other features that make the ticketing process a breeze. Mobile apps, Google Analytics integration and MailChimp integrations are some of the features loved by our event presenters. Whether it’s a local tournament or a charity run, our tools will give you real-time data so you can alter your sales strategy as and when required. Don’t forget to use our promo codes while creating your event. Sign up Now!

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