Event Presenters Share What They Love About Yapsody

Event Presenters Share What They Love About Yapsody

Some of the best event presenters and hospitality venues around the world have chosen Yapsody as their preferred event ticketing platform, and we’re ever so grateful. 

We reached out to 8 of these event presenters and hospitality venues to ask about their choice. Here’s what they had to say about our event ticketing features.

1. The Apps

Our mobile applications – the YapStats and YapScan seem to have made event presenters’ lives easier – just as we intended. 

John Barthelmes, Artistic Director of Spotlight Studios for the Performing Arts said that he loves being able to see how many tickets have been sold or are left for any particular production, through our mobile app. 

He also loves the ability to scan tickets and being able to look them up if customers “forget” or lose their tickets. Our Enterprise-Grade Features were particularly helpful among multiple users, as each on-ground team member could be running the app on their phone to scan and validate tickets without any hiccups.Mobile Apps

2. Ease of Use

John Kastner, Stratford Perth Museum’s General Manager states he loves the ease of adding, deleting, and changing event details as required. Selling more than 10k tickets online became a trouble-free task for them, thanks to the ease of using Yapsody’s Virtual Box Office and Event Setup Wizard.

Another event presenter, Jill Florin from Community Theater Group Temple Sinai Players has been using our reserved seating ticketing for over three years.

“I have found the platform relatively easy to maneuver, and I like that it offers many features not found on other ticketing sites. I’m really happy with the changes made over the years, that makes the site, even more, user-friendly than it was the year before.”

– Jill Florin, Co-producer at Temple Sinai Players

3. Improved Online Sales

The Performing Arts Theatre in Fairpoint, NY only seats 110, yet, they came across challenges using paper tickets such as refunds, ticket switches, lost tickets, and more commonly, leaving tickets at the box office for other family members to pick up. 

Yapsody made all aspects of their event management super easy, says Spotlight Studio’s John Barthelmes, who never has to deal with a ticket sale in person anymore. 

Kevin Colwell, Assistant Director of Kemptville Youth Musical Theatre Company says, 

“We were interested in adding online ticket sales to make it easier for our customers to buy tickets for our annual youth musical production. After looking into a few other online ticket vendors, we tried Yapsody, and it was a perfect fit! Account and box office setup was a breeze and our customers reported quick and easy transactions without any headaches.”

4. Low Ticketing Fees

Randy Berler, the founder of South Bay Film Society, sells over a thousand tickets a month to film screening events. He has been using Yapsody to sell his tickets online after switching from a couple of other online ticketing platforms. 

According to him, the ticketing fee charged by Yapsody is lower than most other online ticket service providers along with great customer support.

At Yapsody, we’ve managed to make online event ticket selling affordable to every presenter by charging extremely low fees. You also get the option to pass on the low ticketing fee to the ticket purchaser, making ticket selling free for you.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support is easily a common favorite across every event category. Each of the eight presenters mentioned that they love connecting with Yapsody Support.

Randy Berler, founder of South Bay Film Society says that the Support feature is particularly impressive because any time they had an issue come up, they responded and resolved the problem very quickly. The low pricing, fit-to-use features, and exceptional customer support made selling tickets to film screenings a smooth and hassle-free experience for him.”

6. Invite-Only Access Codes

Temple Sinai Players often have presales and hence our Access Code feature became a favorite because they only wanted certain people to access the website during the pre-sale period. Since they have a limited number of seats available, they were also able to set up access codes to allow parents to buy a certain number of tickets, to make sure all families are able to attend the event. 

Craig Cudmore, a volunteer from the Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group used the access code feature to give volunteers early access to tickets and their volunteer spots now fill up within hours!

7. Multiple Payment Integrations

“I love the ease of use and the expeditious way payments were processed and credited to our account,” says Valerie Cousin, Executive Minister of Bridge Street African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Yapsody supports both online and offline payment modes for ease of ticket booking and revenue stream generation. Our ticketing platform allows you to integrate country-specific payment gateways such as PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree, and many others for safe and secure payment processing.

Payments made by ticket purchasers go into your bank immediately and directly. This makes us the most preferred event ticketing system for enterprises who want to sell tickets and collect payments online.

8. Feature-Rich Platform

Jennie Stencel, owner & comedian at the Idiot Box Comedy Club has been using Yapsody for years. She calls it a ‘solid, easy to use, professional platform’.

With extensive feature clusters like Event Management, Revenue Stream Optimization, Event Branding & Customization, and Enterprise-Grade Features, our platform can very well be defined as a feature-rich event ticketing platform.

Have you been using Yapsody to sell your event tickets online? 

Tell us what you like best (or even what you don’t like so much). We’re working proactively to improve so you and your audience have the best ticketing experience. Happy ticketing!


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